Top 5 Landmark Sights to Explore on Turkey Holidays

Turkey is the engineering marvel of nature, endowed with some stunning natural scenery and several historical attractions. This transcontinental country never fails to impress anyone. Geographically, it is the meeting point of two continents and shares boundaries with eight countries. Countless monumental sights make Turkey Holidays a top favorite with pleasure seekers. Moreover its vibrant culture, great food, intriguing things to do draws millions of travelers ever year. If you visit Turkey on a holiday you can discover the world’s most powerful empires in a single take, the impact of Greeks till the recent Ottoman Empire is visible on the prominent sights in the cities. It is impossible to introduce all the attractions; however, this article highlights some of the top landmark sights in the country.

Turkey Holidays – 5 landmark Sights

Hagia Sophia

Aya Sofya or Hagia Sophia is the must visit sight, this monumental structure has witnessed centuries of history. It is considered as the glory of Byzantine era, it served as the church, mosque and finally now it is open to people as a museum. The minarets were added after the Ottoman conquest, its grand interiors remind the great engineering ability of contemporary times. This is one of the best things to do on Turkey Holidays.


The dreamlike colorful balloons moving in the air, making the blue skies as a backdrop gives a magical appeal to the surroundings in Cappadocia. Cliffs and hills, further add great aesthetics to the surroundings. It is the most fantastic place to discover on Holidays to Turkey. Hot air balloon ride here is the lifetime experience for pleasure seekers. It offers exceptional views of surroundings of craters and valleys. In addition, there is a church of Byzantine era to explore.


Imagine the golden era of Roman Empire in Ephesus, the ancient ruins reminds the flourishing times of Romans in the Mediterranean region. Marble columns and colossal monuments are wonderful structures to discover. While planning a Cheap Holidays to Turkey, ensure that you allocate half a day to this sight.

Topkapı Palace

Topkapi Palace is believed to the power centre of Ottomans, from here they extended their empire into the Middle East, Africa and Europe continents. It boasts the most unique architecture style with exuberant interiors. Lavish decors, jeweled decors reveal the taste for beauty in the power base. This exceptional attraction should not be missed at any point of time on your All Inclusive Holidays to Turkey.


Pamukkale, popularly named as cotton castle is one of the natural wonders in the city. Amid the green landscape, you will find the travertine terraces, cascading to the down to offer some exceptional showpiece of nature. It is also considered as the spa town since ancient times, tourists flock here to take the advantage of rich mineral content in the waters. Many believe that mineral content has the capacity to heal the skin ailments.

Mount Nemrut

The broken mammoth structures in Mount Nemrut are the biggest draw in Eastern Turkey region. Discover the archaeological wonders surrounding the region which comprise giant stone heads from the mountain top. It is the most fascinating destination to explore on Turkey Holidays.

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