Safety Tips for Train Travellers

Safety is something that everybody craves for. You cannot take safety for granted. You should always take precautions to ensure that you are safe. Whether you are an adult, an old person, a young student or anybody for that matter; it is important to take precautions to stay safe during train journeys.

It is not that train journeys are risky but of course, if you are not careful, you might found yourself in dangerous circumstances. There are some things that everybody should be careful about and no negligence should be shown therein. Have a look below at the list.

Stand at a distance from the edge

Many people lose their lives in India because of their negligence. They stand on the edge of the platform and sometimes they get a jerk from behind and fall in front of the train. Many people lose their legs because of getting into the platform and train. There is some space between the platform and the train door. When you step inside or out of the train; make sure that you carefully rest your feet. You should not climb a train in a hurry. It might be dangerous. Since there is so much of crowd on platforms, there is every chance you get a push or pull during getting into the train or getting out. So, be careful about that gap between platform and train.

Climb the train well in time

It means, when your train is origin from your station, you should op for the option of climbing the train well in time. There is no need to rush when there are a few minutes left for departure. Maximum people enter the train at the last moment and hence end up hurting themselves. If you want to be safe then make sure that you never climb a train in the nick of time.  There is no rush when there is time for the train to depart. When you have the option to go for a smooth climb, why to rush amidst the crowd of passengers!

Don’t eat everything

If you do Order Food from Train then it is okay. It means there are options wherein you can place your order and your food would get delivered to you on the next station. But if you are one of those who take food from anywhere and everywhere then you have to be observant. You cannot simply grab a dish from someone who has dirty hands and using the same hands to prepare the stuff for you. Such things do lead to health issues. You have to be careful about the hygiene. When you look at a person selling a dish, you can make out about the hygiene levels to some extent. Moreover, no matter how clean the dish looks to be, if the person catering is keeping the dishes uncovered then too it might be a house of germs. You cannot simply gulp those germs through the food consumed.


Thus, your safety is in your hands. The more you are alert, the better it would be for you.

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