Best Itinerary For Inverness to Oban

From the fascinating local castles to the serenity of the coast and mountains, Oban plays the perfect role for a perfect weekend gateway. Whether you are looking for a fun-filled and relaxing trip or adventurous and stunning outdoor activities, the road trip from Inverness to Oban offers everything.

One of the disadvantages of Oban also makes the plus point for it i.e. it is situated a bit out of the way from most of the Scotlands popular tourist destinations like the route of Glasgow, Fort Williams, and Lach Ness. This brings the required peace that you look forward to from your tour. However, don’t presume that it will be completely free of tourists as Oban is also known as the Seafood Capital of Scotland and also the Gateway to the Isles. So, if you are planning for an economic but a mindblowing vacation, then Oban should be in your priority list. It is also the best choice for a weekend trip. Just don’t forget to use the fuel cost calculator if you are traveling with your own vehicle as it will help to make the proper budget.

Short and Effective Itinerary for Oban

So, if you are planning a trip to Oban then this itinerary will definitely help you a lot in the same:-

  • Food: – If you are in Oban, don’t try anything else other than the seafood. You will find a wide range of seafood and are available at reasonable rates too.
  • Explore the West Coast: – You can explore the West Coast of Scotland on the unique Scottish Cruise. This will allow you to visit the inlets and islands of wild Argyll, Arran and other parts.
  • Castle and Grounds: – In Oban, you can also explore a wide range of castle and their beauties. If you like to explore the old heritage and others, the Oban offers you the best.

  • Museum: – The Oban War and Peace Museum is one of the preeminent tourist attraction of Oban. You can learn more about the town’s history along with the fishing and maritime industries, the railways and many others.

If you are planning for a short trip from Inverness to Oban then using a fuel cost calculator will come for a great aid. It will help you to find out the required cost of the fuel in the journey. The distance between Inverness and Oban is to very high, thus taking a personal vehicle is one of the preferred choices as it allows you to plan your itinerary according to your convenience.

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