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5 Reasons To Explore India With Maharajas’ Express Train

I have personally covered India with numerous luxury trains and have experienced a few international luxury trains during the last five to six years. My first luxury train experience in India was Maharajas’ Express and I still stand by my word that it is one of the unique and interesting way to scale the country. With my chosen itinerary, I traveled only to a handful of destinations during my time with Maharajas’ Express but, the experience was epic.

I know you would have heard this in different tone and from different people, but this luxury train has a knack to turn your vacation in a rejuvenating session. Well, here are my five reasons to why you should prefer Maharajas’ Express for your next vacation.

1. Seven unique ways

Unlike other luxury trains, each itinerary of Maharajas Express train is unique in many ways. It is not just about the destinations but the main theme of the vacation changes in each itinerary. If you are looking for a cultural vacation, there is one for you.

If you are looking for enjoying the iconic cream-of-the-crop destinations, there is a specific itinerary for you. The best part about the itineraries is that they start and end at a destination with a busy international airport, making it easier to fly in and out on the travel dates.

2. Out-of-the-way excursion

This is the unique element of Maharajas’ Express. Usually, when a luxury train covers a destination, the itinerary covers all the iconic attractions of that region. However, when it comes to Maharajas’ Express, it takes the extra step to take you on a road excursion to attractions that are a little far away from the said-destination. From Agra, you would be taken to Fatehpur Sikri, Sarnath is included with Varanasi and so on.

3. Classic royal amenities

The train is a masterpiece of a mirror image of how the royals traveled India. Starting from the air conditioning system to the branded liquors served, every element of the train is filled with luxury.

Starting from DVD players fitted with free movies to a lounge room, you can enjoy non-stop entertainment inside the train, during travel. You would receive a personalized butler and even a guide of language of your choice.

4. Cuisine of the royals

Maharajas’ Express is quite proud of their heritage cuisine. The train has two stylish restaurants, which provide exclusive dishes of the destination, where the train is currently stationed. While you are dining at hotels, the trip focuses on providing lavishing experiences with star hotels and palace hotels.

5. Everyday party

Apart from a few foreign liquor brands, every other beverage is free of cost. Starting from coffee, teas and mocktails to home-brand alcohol drinks, your free party goes on and on in the lounge room. Unlike many other luxury trains, Maharajas’ Express keeps liquor free of cost for its travelers.

There are numerous other reasons to why you should book Maharajas express train. Concisely, Maharajas’ Express has been recognized as the world’s leading luxury train for six consecutive years and it is clear that some mediocre train would not get such an attention and prestigious awards.


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