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3 Tips to Get a Confirmed PNR Ticket this Festive Season!

Rail is the primary mode of commute in India. More than 1.7 billion people travel by rail every year, and roughly 4 million passengers use railway every day. The number is, however, significantly high during festival time and holiday season. While the railways introduce new trains and change frequency of many existing trains, the number is still not adequate. As a result, the minute you login to book a tatkal ticket, you will probably see a long waiting list. If you don’t want to be disappointed by booking a WL or RAC ticket, here are the tips on how to get a confirmed PNR status during peak travel season.

Understand the PNR Status:

The railway provides a unique ten digit number for every booked train ticket. Whether you book the ticket from the counter or online, it will have a PNR number. In addition to the PNR number, the ticket will also have a PNR status. Every abbreviation on the ticket number has a different meaning. Let’s look at the PNR status that your ticket will have.

CNF – Confirmed

RAC – Reservation after cancellation

WL – Waiting list

If the PNR status is WL, there will be a waiting list number mentioned on the ticket.

How to Ensure your PNR Status is CNF?

Update yourself about trains plying on the route and their timings:

As said earlier, railways introduce new trains and change the timings of the existing ones during peak seasons. There is a possibility of new trains plying on your travel route, and you might not be aware of them. Around 100-150 special trains ply on popular routes during rush season. To get complete information about these trains, you can check out the railway’s website or other sites that are specifically catering to updates about railways and assisting travelers with booking tickets.

Pay attention to the time of the day and day of the week of travel:

The waiting list is higher on Fridays and Sundays and lower on Mondays. If you can be flexible with the travel plan, it is advised to book a train ticket for Monday or any other weekday. Also, trains that ply between 5-9 pm have higher rush compared to those plying late night and early morning. If possible, book a ticket in a train that runs on weekdays and during late or early hours.

Find out popular stoppages:

Passengers board and get down at different stoppages in a train. While some trains will have stations where a higher number of passengers will onboard, others will have stations where the number of passengers deboarding is low. Websites that share train travel and ticket booking related information often have such type of data. All that you need to do is, enter the train number and you will get a list of the popular stations where onboarding and deboarding is high. Based on the data, you can book your train ticket and get a confirmed train PNR status.


Despite following the above tips, if your ticket still shows WL status, don’t lose hope. You need to understand that railway ticket confirmation has a specific pattern and the system follows a mathematical algorithm. To be on a safer side, you can always turn to apps that let you book train tickets. These travel apps also use an algorithm to predict the confirmation probability of your train ticket, which will help in controlling your anxiety and making travel plans in a better way.

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