What Must You Do To Become an AWS Cloud Architect?

Today, cloud architect is one of the most coveted jobs and it therefore becomes important to know exactly what this job profile entails and how you can become an AWS cloud architect. When you speak of cloud architecture, it primarily refers to the components which are needed for the cloud to work. These components and sub-components will comprise a back-end platform, front-end platform, network and a cloud-based delivery system. With AWS cloud services becoming more and more appealing by the day more businesses are now shifting their data to the AWS. However, there remains a lot of difference between a cloud and a physical environment. So, designing the AWS cloud will demand special knowhow and expertise which certified AWS cloud architect will have.

What Qualities Must You Have To Become An AWS Cloud Architect?

When you are already working as AWS engineer, a shift in roles to an architect will not be too hard to handle. You will only have to focus on some specific areas to improve your skills in those. To start with, you must always have sound knowledge of the key cloud technology principles like disaster recovery, scalability, security and high availability.

An AWS architect will also understand the business needs better in order to identify the Recovery Time Objective and the Recovery Point Objective.

The architect will have to design the set-up in such a way so that it can respond to failures. So, he has to be able to consider the potential fail points first. This will help him devise ways to avoid such failures from happening.

The architect must find out what the possible effects will be in case there is a sudden outage and investigate whether the application is ready to handle regional failures and zonal failures. He should find out if there is a proper disaster recovery plan in place.

The architect must also understand whether the application is scalable or not. When you design a set-up for an ecommerce site you must focus on whether it is scalable because the traffic to such a site may increase dramatically in an hour’s time. On the other hand, when an architect is designing an internal ERP set-up for the cloud, predicting number of users is easy.

The AWS cloud architect must also understand the security needs of the company and then recommend the right compliance methods. When you are dealing with companies which have confidential financial data you must apply the PCI DSS rules properly.

It is also a bonus when the architect has hands-on experience in working with the AWS cloud. So, he should ideally spend substantial amount of time in understanding the complexities which are there and how to work around these. With this experience the architect can right understand the capabilities of each and every AWS service.

Besides the AWS cloud architect is also expected to understand the working of operating systems, basic app designing, networking and storage to be able to predict how a system is going to behave. With such knowledge he can decide whether Linux or Windows is going to be the right choice of an operating system for an application. In case there are port issues or routing problems he can trace the traffic movement and detect whether it is a VPC problem or a firewall issue or a blocked port problem.

Since Amazon keeps releasing new updates and upgrades from time to time, an architect for the AWS cloud is also expected to have knowledge of these. They must therefore fine tune the set-up to keep pace with such changes. Being in touch with the AWS community helps these professionals offer better value to the AWS cloud architecture.

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