What Is So Brilliant About the Gadgets Is Their Simplicity

What Is So Brilliant About the Gadgets Is Their Simplicity

This header is actually a famous quotation by the Welsh actor Desmond Llewellyn. This man was reprising the role of the MI6’s inventive genius Q in the James Bond Movies till 2000. Quote as this coming from a person, leading a role of futurist, makes you believe in those absurd gadgets. In Ian Fleming’s time these were absurd techs but in today’s world most of Quartermaster’s gadgets are real. The flip smartphone, the remote controlled car, the health watch, the drones and many more are quite real now.

But why are we discussing about this header? The answer is quite simple. Yes, “simple” is the answer we are looking for. The gadgets of Q made missions easier & safer for James Bond and he would accomplish them with a satisfactory grin and save the world. Though in real life such a scenario is not very realistic. But what is real is the fact that gadgets do makes life easier. The inventions done by the modern day engineers are giving life a fresh leash of energy. The compatibility of the gadgets and their easy to use feature is the reason for their sprawling popularity. If smartphones were hard to understand we would not have bothered to buy it and let alone use it. Hence the main USP of the futuristic gadgets is there user-friendly operational mechanism.

Technology is no longer a distant neighbor but a life partner nowadays. We cannot live a single moment without it. Day in and day out, our entanglement with tech is irrevocable. This dependency came forth aggressively since the start of the second decade into the 2000s. The artificial smartness of the gadgets and the ever present string network signals are fuelling this conditions. The simpler the use the popular is the gadget. The rekindle desire t acquire latest tech is the new addiction of the people. We cannot always afford the new releases but we do at least eye analyze them through window shopping. Our affinity toward life hacking technology is instrument in production of fancier gadgets that make living easier.

Let’s discuss about some of the futuristic devices which have simple purpose and simpler operational mode.

  • Firstly, we have the WEEN. This gadget is truly a futuristic one. This small portable mechanical tear drop is actually a thermostat. It is quite simple to use. Activate the device and connect it with Alexa, Echo or Google Home. Upon temperature change in the room’s ambience, the device start to functions. You do not even need to turndown down the heat or control you AC.
  • Secondly, you can enjoy a relaxing gardening hobby with Edyn. This auto-analyzer control device is a gardening tech infra. With temperature mapping, water valving and soil fertility gauging features Edyn devices write up apt report on your plants health. You just need to place the gadget in the garden and link it with your phone app.
  • Thirdly, we also have the wireless ear buds and the health bands. You can enjoy music without getting prone to accidents and get a regular body fitness check, respectively.There are many such simple gadgets with profound usefulness on the shelves of Red Dragon’s showcase. So do your research, your browsing and choose your suitable yet simple tech.

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