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What Causes Outlook OST File Corruption and its Feasible Solutions?

OST file corruption is the most terrible thing in Outlook user’s life. This can cause the mailbox functionality to a great extent. Aside from this, there are several reasons that make Outlook data files become inaccessible. Some of these factors, i.e., bad internet connection, malicious attack, hardware failure, accidental shutdown, etc., leads to corruption. In this write-up, we will discuss all possible ways to repair corrupt OST file. First, let us know what causes Outlook OST file corruption in detail.

Common Reasons for OST File Corruption

There are so many reasons due to which OST file gets corrupt or damaged. Some of them are listed below:

  • Malware or Malicious Attacks: One of the main reason for Outlook OST File corruption is virus attacks. Most of the viruses that infect and damage the Exchange Offline data file (.ost) or making them inaccessible. Therefore, it is highly recommended to install an anti-virus software on your system to protect the OST files.
  • Abnormal Outlook Termination: When all Outlook tasks and emailing functions are done, be sure to close all open windows and dialog box. If the process is running, then do not close it otherwise, the associated files may be corrupt and the OST file becomes inaccessible. In the most severe cases, the application that freezes itself or unexpectedly shut down. Due to abruptly shut down the Outlook application the user has to face OST file damaged issue.
  • Sudden Power Outage: The another reason for OST file corruption is a sudden power failure. During accessing the OST file, if an unexpected power failure happens, then Exchange OST file may be corrupted. Moreover, a massive loss of electricity, at times when the supply is relatively higher and cause excessive power supply.
  • Bad Sectors on Hard Drive: This is one of the main reasons for Outlook OST file damaged problem. It affects all the functional parameters of the hard drive and the performance degrades to any significant extent. It can also cause corruption in files stored on it. OST corruption could be the result of bad sectors on a disk.

Manual Measures to Fix Outlook OST File Corruption Problem

Go through the following methods by which users can repair corrupt OST file. Please follow the steps listed below:

Measure 1: Update Folder

This method allows to change the properties of the folder to recover inaccessible OST files. Follow the below instructions for Outlook 2010:

  1. Select the desired folder, and click on Properties.
  2. When a dialog box appears, choose Clear Offline Items option from this dialog box.
  3. Now, click the OK button.
  4. In Outlook 2010, select an option Send/Receive.
  5. You can click on Update Folder to save all the changes.

Measure 2: Re-create an Offline Outlook Data File (.ost)

As Microsoft Exchange uses OST file that contains a copy of information stored on the mail server. If somewhere you encounter some issues with OST file, then you can remove existing one, and download again from the server. But, this method only works if your OST files are not usable anymore. For complete information about this method along with the working screenshots, the user can prefer Repair OST file Manually.

Measure 3: Compact Outlook OST file

Another method to fix Outlook OST file damaged problem is by compacting OST file The larger size of OST files may cause various problems, such as OST corruption, Outlook performance gets slower, etc. And deleting items may be not a successful method to reduce the size of files. When you delete data item from Outlook folder, then it still exists in the deleted folder. Deleting items from ‘Deleted Items Folder’ will remove it permanently from an Offline OST file, which loses a valuable item. As an alternative, you can compact the Outlook OST file. The OST file is saved in such a way that they occupy more space and unusable for any other purpose. When you try to compress OST files, then it decreases the extra space, occupied by OST data files.

Measure 4: Start Outlook in Safe Mode

The main purpose to start MS Outlook in safe mode is to disable all add-ins that may encounter errors during the booting process. It allows to work safely without any source files or add-ins being corrupt. You can simply run this command to open the Outlook in safe mode: “outlook.exe /safe.” This method will also solve the problem of Outlook OST file corruption issue.

Automated Solution to Fix Damaged OST File Outlook 2010 / 2013 / 2016 / 2019

In case of severe corruption, the above-stated methods to fix Microsoft Outlook OST file corrupted problem does not work properly. It is quite difficult to recover data from severely damaged OST file. In that case, you can go for a professional solution named as OST File Recovery. It is designed in such a way to restore all items mail, calendar, contacts, etc., from Outlook OST file. This tool helps to recover the minor or major level of OST corruption and helps to resolve the problem like Outlook OST file corruption. Also, it will maintain the original formatting of data items remains as original after rebuilding OST file. It is compatible with all versions of MS Outlook including Outlook 2019 and below versions.

Final Words

Sometimes, data corruption is unpredictable in MS Outlook that restricts users to perform normal functioning. Thus, in this blog, we have discussed two measures, i.e., Manual and Automated to deal with Outlook OST file corruption problem. But, these manual methods have some drawbacks. So, you can opt for a reliable third-party tool named as OST Recovery Software. It helps to repair corrupt or damaged OST files without any data loss.

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