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Mobile Technology Has Changed Traditional Way of Marketing

Technology has been growing rapidly since the last 15 years. Every field of life affected by technology. Revolution in technology cause innovations in different fields. Approximately 6.8 billion peoples are using mobile phones. While the world total population is 7.1 billion. Mobile technology became the main source of information for peoples. Even PhoneCount announce the “Everyone connecting day”. In the near future, mobile technology will become the key source for connectivity between the peoples.

Mobile technology has changed the business methods and traditional ways of marketing. Use of mobile technology with business strategy produce better results in company sales and profit. In the past, business organizations used the middle man for an approach to their customers. But now companies have many resources for access to their customers directly in an effective way. The field which affected most from mobile technology is the business field.

In the past era, companies have limited source and area for marketing of their products, but with the help of mobile technology, Business organizations could access to the international markets and the whole world. Business organizations generate billions of dollars in revenue through mobile technology. Companies are shifting traditional marketing strategy into digital marketing. But for digital marketing, companies provide technology devices to their employees such as a tablet, iPad and other related devices. Most of the companies hire tablet, iPad’s from Tablet hire companies and fulfill their business marketing needs.

Here are the benefits of using mobile technology in marketing:

  • Worldwide Market
  • Accessibility
  • Social media marketing

International Market

15 years ago, Business companies just cover their own local areas and markets with traditional marketing methods. Then mobile technology came into the market of business. Through the internet, companies could approach to worldwide customers. In 2017, online marketing revenue from across the world is $2.3 trillion dollars and expected this will increase up to $4.88 trillion dollars in 2021.

The online market is an emerging market. Companies are earning billions of dollars from international markets.


Mobile technology made possible worldwide communications. The distance between peoples has reduced. Companies could access to the customer which located in the last corner of the world and get profit from him. Access to the internet is very necessary for peoples in modern life. The price of mobile phones comparatively less than computers and Laptops. In the USA, every 1 person out of 5 depends on a mobile phone for better internet access. Countries such as Taiwan, 7 out of 10 people could access the internet through a mobile phone. But they connected with each other through mobile technology. An alternative way to use this internet for marketing purpose through technology devices such as iPad, tablets. Companies use these devices in their offices. A small business which can’t afford these devices, generally they hire the iPad’s from iPad hire companies for their employees.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is also a powerful and famous tool for marketing. According to Statista, The number of social media users worldwide was 2.7 billion in 2017, and the number of figures will go up, expected in 2021 social media users will be 3.2billion. Social media marketing and digital marketing became the main source of business organizations sales and brand interaction with their customers. Mobile technology gave the opportunity to business companies for marketing in the social media world.

Social media marketing plays an important role in company marketing. Therefore, the value of social media is immense. Only just focusing on social media marketing could be the reason for the success of business income or revenue. 70% of people use social media through mobile technology. Companies should focus on social media and set their targets.

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