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Microsoft Outlook Message Not Sending: How To Fix?

Microsoft Outlook is one of the many products of the Microsoft Office productivity suite and is best known for its email services. And it is regarded as one of the oldest of all email services, available today for communicating with far and near ones. Other than that calendaring, contacts, and the tasks services are also available in Outlook. For more information on Microsoft Outlook, you need to contact Outlook Customer Support number to talk with the executives.

Many times the users’ of Outlook has complained about the common issues they are experiencing while using it. Some of them are- Outlook message can’t sent, new emails can’t receive, can’t sign-in, forgot the password, and many more.

Here the blog discusses issue related to emails not sending in Outlook -the causes for such issue to occur, the other problems that occur along with the issue, and the steps to guide you to solve the problems.

The other problems that occur with Outlook message not sending error-

  • ‘I am receiving the emails fine. But I can’t send the messages.’
  • ‘My Outlook messages won’t send.’
  • ‘The message can’t be send right now. Please try again later.’
  • ‘Your message can’t be displayed right now.’
  • ‘Can’t receive emails in Outlook.’
  • ‘Hotmail your messages, can’t be displayed right now.’
  • Messages can’t be send because it has an unresolved recipient.

The causes behind Outlook Message not sending

  • The defect in the network connection.
  • The installed security software is preventing the Outlook to function, properly.
  • More than two recipients in the email address.
  • Corrupted software is present in the system.
  • Browsing history and cache files contain corrupted files.
  • Reached the limitation of sending the emails.
  • Maybe the sender doesn’t have any email ID.
  • The current browser you are using in your system has expired.

The steps to fix if emails not sending in Outlook-

  1. You need to check on the installed antivirus and temporarily disable it to resolve the issue.
  2. Remove all the corrupted files and software from the system.
  3. Make sure you haven’t reached the maximum limit of sending the emails. As Microsoft has the certain limitation on the emails to be sent from one recipient.
  4. Check whether the sender in your contact list has an email ID.
  5. Make sure the current browser installed on your system is up-to-date.
  6. Give it a try to use a different browser, to make sure there is no faulty in your browser.
  7. Check whether you don’t have an email alias.
  8. Make sure your Microsoft Account is verified.

How to contact Outlook Customer Support number?

If the problem still remains or you are facing other issues while using Outlook, then you need to contact Outlook Customer Support number to discuss your issues with the experts and get help instantly. To cross check the given numbers, you can visit Gethumanhelp website, an online directory to get all technical support numbers of the various USA and Canada based companies.


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