Learn How to Restore USB Pen Drive Back to Full Capacity Easily

USB pen drive is a storage device. It is used to transfer data one device to another device. In today Arena each and every person use USB pen drive to stores their data. Because it is a small size device and stores maximum data. It is easy to carry out one place to another place. USB pen drives data always prone to data loss.

Sometimes users USB pen drive not showing full capacity It means If users have 8 GB Sandisk pen drive but windows show only 2 GB. The same issues can happen in other devices such as: USB Flash drive, pen drive, Hard drive, memory card or SD card etc. When It happens with users such types of issues. Please don’t worry, even you have no reliable solution. Here users can learn how to restore USB pen drive back to full capacity very easily by following a few simple steps.

Reasons Behind USB Pen drive Not Showing Original State

When users USB pen drives not showing original space, users may shock that how it happens or where is the lost capacity. Actually, there are several reasons such as formatting overhead, invisible shadow files, and hidden recovery partitions or unallocated space can cause this problem.

Solution For USB Pen Drive Back to Full Capacity Easily

Sometimes users hide their data. After a few days, they forget about that. This is the main reason for the pen drive showing the wrong capacity. Here we will be discussed how to recover these types of issues. I give a few simple steps. By following these steps you can unhide your data very easily. You will get your pen drive in original capacity.

  • Firstly go to the drive then, click on the file button
  • After that, the dialog box is open. Later on, go view option
  • Provides you the hidden files and folders option
  • Now you can click on radio button show hidden files, folders and drives
  • Finally, you get your data back in your original path

If you are using these steps and you are not able to show the original capacity of your data. Then, you can use other option. You can format your Pen drive, USB drive memory card or SD card by doing this you can get the full capacity of your pen drive. if you have lost your data from pen drive then, it is also a big issue for you. But don’t worry about that, I tell you the other solution for this.

Learn How to Restore USB Pen Drive Back to Full Capacity Easily by Using Reliable Tool

Users can use the trustworthy and reliable third-party tool. Pen drive data recovery tool recover inaccessible or damaged soft deleted, hard deleted, formatted data from pen drive, USB flash drive, SD card and memory card. It recovers all types of file such as videos, audio’s, images and doc files etc. This tool support all file formats like Doc, xls, ppt, pdf, jpeg, png etc. The software provides you advance search option. This tool is user-friendly and easy to use. It recovers data instantly and recovers unlimited data. Software recover safe and secure data without any data loss. For use of this tool just follow simple steps:

  1. Run pen drive data recovery tool on your Window PC
  2. The software gives two options of data recovery Scan and Formatted Scan
  3. After that, the software will list all recovered data into the left side and highlight folders which contains data. Easily explore the folder and display data into the right panel of the tool. The tool will highlight the Permanently deleted data by red color.
  4. The software gives two option to save recovered data Like save selected data and Save entire data
  5. The software provides the location to save the resultant data. Users can also make a new folder
  6. Now you have to wait till it completes 100%
  7. Just go the location while you will be given and view entire data.

Summing Up

If your pen drive is not showing the full capacity and you want back to full capacity then, these above two methods are very helpful for you. Try any method and learn how to restore USB pen drive back to full capacity easily.

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