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Import Gmail Folders to Thunderbird Efficiently – 10 min Solution

Gmail is the most popular web-based email client that can save all items such as emails, calendars, contacts, etc., on the cloud. But sometimes users may face more challenges when the Gmail account got hacked or terminated. Thus, it is necessary to keep a backup copy of Gmail data. Here, we are going to discuss several methods to import Gmail folders to Thunderbird. Furthermore, Thunderbird is an open source desktop-based email program, which allows the user to manage or access data without internet connectivity. With this application, it becomes easy for users to configure all accounts at a single place. Hence, go through this article carefully and follow every step to import emails from Gmail account to Thunderbird.

Need to Import Gmail Folders to Mozilla Thunderbird

As the above-stated reason why users want to keep the backup of Gmail data is to protect stuff from hackers or from several corruption issues. But the main question arises in everyone’s mind is why to move Gmail to Thunderbird? Now, some additional factors are mentioned below:

  • Thunderbird file can be easily saved on a local machine, thus users allow to access data when it is required.

  • There will be no hindrance in email messages from an external source.

  • Additionally, its data file should be shared among different users if needed.

Manual Ways to Export Gmail Emails to Thunderbird

Here, we are going to move emails from Gmail to Thunderbird manually. These steps to be followed are:

A) Transfer Emails from Google account

  • First, you have to launch Mozilla Thunderbird on your PC

  • Then, open the Gmail account

  • Under the Gmail account, choose an option Settings

  • In the next step, go to Settings options

  • Navigate to Forwarding and POP/IMAP

  • In the IMAP section, select Enable IMAP and Save Changes

  • Now, hit on Username in Mozilla Thunderbird

  • After that, click on Settings

  • A new dialog box will appear. Next, click the Account Actions>> Add Mail Account

  • Mail Account Setup dialog will pop up on your screen. Type username, email address and password in given field

  • Next, click on the Continue option.

  • Select the radio button IMAP (remote folders) and press Done

  • Click Browse to change the directory and press OK button to finish the set-up

  • Eventually, you can successfully export emails from Gmail to Thunderbird.

B) Import Contacts from Gmail to Thunderbird

  • Sign into Google account and choose Contacts

  • From the Menu bar, go to More option and select Export

  • Then, choose the contacts that are to be imported

  • On the other hand, mark multiple contacts by using All option

  • From the Menu, click More and then, choose Export option.

  • Next, a new dialog box will display to export each contact

  • In the further step, click All Contacts

  • To import all contacts and open Mozilla Thunderbird, select Address Book.

  • Now, you can open Thunderbird Address Window screen

  • Go to Tools option and then, select Import

  • Select Address Books from the given options and press Next.

  • In the new window, select an option Text File and click Next button

  • Under new Window Explorer, attach the directory path where stored Gmail contacts are located.

  • Select All Files to view the CSV file

  • In Import Address Book, it will allow a user to select as many or all of them and press OK

  • In the last step, contacts have been imported successfully.

Well, the process to import Gmail contacts to Thunderbird will be finished. Users can simply access their Gmail data in Mozilla Thunderbird.

C) Using Google Takeout

To transfer Gmail MBOX to Thunderbird, users can take help of Google Takeout. All the Gmail messages can be transferred at once using Google Takeout that can download emails as an MBOX file. After that, users can use Thunderbird to access each file in MBOX format. Some of the steps are listed below:

  • To download the selected messages, open Google Mail by applying the label.

  • Go to this link:

  • After that, you can choose None

  • Scroll down to the Mail, click on gray X to the right side corner

a) If you want to download only certain emails, choose All Mail

b) Then, check Select Labels

c) Check all the labels that tag messages you wish to download

  • Press the Next button

  • No need to change the file type, select Create Archive

  • The zip file will be sent through the selected delivery method.

Professional Way to Export Gmail Emails to Thunderbird

The above-stated methods have some drawbacks, i.e., it is a very long and time-consuming procedure. Thus, users start searching for an effortless way to import Gmail emails to Thunderbird. One such application isĀ SysTools Gmail backup that helps to convert Gmail contacts, calendar, emails to MBOX file format. This tool has a simple and user-friendly interface that even a novice user can use it without taking expert help.

Final Thoughts

Most users prefer to use desktop-based email application like Thunderbird. To keep the entire data safe from any criminal act or due to any reason. Thus, in this blog, we have explained the complete procedure to import Gmail to Thunderbird manually. But these manual approaches have some drawbacks or limitations. Therefore, in this blog, we have recommended a trusted third-party tool named asSysTools Gmail Backup. It is the best solution, which helps to migrate all items from Gmail to Thunderbird with any data loss.

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