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Computer Monitoring Software for Parents

Are you worried about the digital activities of your children? Are you suspicious that most of your kid’s computer use is unproductive and age-inappropriate? Using the computer monitoring software of TheOneSpy you can set all your worries to rest. The software enables parents to supervise the digital behavior of their children to keep them protected and restricted from wrongdoings. The powerful features of the computer tracker software allow supervising and managing the digital devices without having access. Read on to know how this software facilitates parents in keeping tabs on computer activities of offspring.

Best Computer Monitoring Software

A software must possess two qualities to fall in the category of the best spy software: it must be feature-rich and inexpensive. The tracker software of TheOneSpy possesses both characteristics. It offers a wide range of high-tech features enabling users to monitor and operate a computer device without physical possession. It allows overseeing and managing computers running Windows and Mac operating system.

Core Features of Computer Tracker Software

The parental control software enables parents to supervise and control the computer use of their children. We have discussed here core features of the software to let you understand its functionality.

Access Internet Browsing History

Parents can keep an eye on the internet use of their children by getting their computer devices installed with the spy software. It lets you closely watch out the websites visited and information searched by your kids. You can gain access to the internet browsing history of their computer devices including history of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. You can also see bookmarks to find out which webpages have been visited more often.

Web Filtering

The software lets you manage internet access to restrict your kids from accessing age-inappropriate sites. You can block websites through the URLs or website category.You can also block all websites containing specific keywords or phrases.

Location Tracker

The parental control software keeps you updated about the whereabouts of your children. You can find out exact current GPS location of your kid’s computer. Also, you can access location history to get detail of places visited during a specific time period.

Screen Recording/Screenshots

Do you want to see what your kids are doing on their computers? The computer spy software lets you capture computer screen remotely. You can send command to the target computer to start screen recording to let you witness the real-time computer activities. You can also take screenshots without letting your kids know. The remotely captured screenshots and short video get directly uploaded to the online portal of the parental control software.


The powerful surveillance software lets you take control of your kids’ computer devices. You can turn on microphone and camera of monitored computers to see and listen to the surrounding events. By turning these tools on you can take photos and make short video to capture activities in the device surroundings.


The spy software acts as keylogger and records keystrokes applied to the keyboard of targeted computer. These keystrokes contain passwords, usernames, email addresses, messenger chats and more confidential data put to the targeted device.

TOS Navigator App

The navigator app of TheOneSpy lets you track and operate your kid’s computer device through your phone. You can download the navigator app from Google App Store and use your personal mobile phone as control panel to monitor and manage your kid’s desktop and laptop computer devices. It eliminates need to repeatedly login the web portal of the spy solution.

Compatibility and Price

The surveillance software is compatible with desktop and laptop computers running Windows and Mac operating system. The Windows monitoring solution supports all computers running Windows OS 7,8 and 10.The Mac parental control software supports MacBook, MacBook Pro and iMac running macOS10.5 to 10.12.The one-month subscription of Windows and Mac surveillance software costs around $40.

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