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Choosing the best Attendance Management Software for your employees

The digital revolution is transforming the approach people interact with others and go about their day-to-day tasks. As employees, individuals carry software the expectations of an absolute, tech-enabled experience to the workplace, too. The future of HRMS software would need new technologies to enhance the employee experience and keep the company competitive and agile.

Amongst these revolution is an employee attendance management system that has an essential place in today’s workplace, mainly when we discuss the profitability and potency of an organization. Having a robust employee attendance tracking software supports companies thrive and grow in their particular niche. It also assures seamless and effective operations.

For example, consider an employee who operates in the accounts department whose office timings are 10 AM until 6 PM. If he or she comes late to work but leaves on time, he will not be proficient of completing all his tasks conveniently. Wouldn’t this hinder the employee’s performance and impact the organization’s productivity?

An online attendance administration system aids your human resource team and keeps an accurate tab on lateness, especially the permanent ones. Earlier, manual systems were adopted that utilized pen and paper or excel spreadsheets. It was quite hard to compute exactly when the employee arrived and completed work. The combined effect of poor attendance metrics is costly, to both the employee and the company.

Here is what every organisation can gain by using Attendance Management Software.

The significance of Attendance Management Software

Track Employee Performance

This unique software allows your HR team to manage which employees are taking advantage of late arrivals, leave without prior approval or implication, maximum leave, going during midday. With an online attendance system, you can undoubtedly compute each employee’s salary. This limits both overpayment and underpayment of employees’ wages. The former can cost organisations millions of dollars each year, and the latter will result in low employee morale.

Employees operating in the IT sector must work in shifts. It would be near challenging to keep proper attendance records without an employee attendance system.

Simplifies Processes by using Automated Calculations

Online payroll and attendance have clarified the process of complicated calculations required in computing unsteady pay components and overtime. This leaves little room for inconsistency and error.

Enforces Discipline

One significant benefit of moving to an employee attendance management system is that it supports and enforce punctuality and discipline amongst your employees. In the field of work ethics, principles such as mutual support and coordination, accountability for one’s work, commitment to company goals and adherence to procedures are covered.

Daily attendance is a part of this workplace code. If any employees start arriving late or skipping out early, many other employees will begin practicing like behaviors. This inverts the collaboration and coordination amongst teams within departments, consequently influencing productivity.

Removes the Need for Paperwork and Filing

Traditional attendance tracking software involved maintenance of various registers and tedious excel sheets. This would address the task of tracking time-in and time-out for all the employees within an organization somewhat tricky and making it a tedious task for the HR, where a lot of time is lost.

Boosts Productivity

Arriving at work on time on a daily basis improves productivity. It means you will be able to perform all your assigned tasks within a given timeframe. When work gets done promptly, business productivity increase. Along with punctuality, a positive attendance tracking system improves professionalism and commitment to work; not to mention goodwill amongst the team members.

Quick Remote Access

With a cloud-based attendance system, employees attendance data are available at a single access point. This may be obtained by employees from any location. Having these features frees up the HR’s time and gives more transparency to the whole attendance tracking/payroll system.

Mobile attendance tracking system

Mobile attendance is an easy and economical solution for attendance tracking.

You can trace arrivals and departures of your employees directly from your Android smartphone or tablet at your workplace or on the go.

Attendance reports are updated in real-time in Google Spreadsheets. From there you can manage attendance and cooperate with other co-workers. You can produce monthly reports directly from Google Spreadsheets and see how many hours each employee has worked.

With the hope of effectively tracking employee performance, enforcing discipline, elimination of paper tracking systems, increase in productivity, easy remote accessibility and explaining calculations; the relevance of an Employee Attendance System cannot be dismissed.

Darwinbox Attendance management software takes away all the pain compared with manual uploads or interfering with your attendance software. Runs in the background quietly. Recovers and regains logs even after several days of network downtime. Darwinbox attendance software proactively alerts you when devices fail to record swipes or when it shows incomplete swipes which is quite a typical scenario.

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