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Best Selling PDF Unlocker Tool to Unprotect Protected PDF File

PDF is the most preferred file format, which keeps the important documents. It is the platform-independent document that can be carried anywhere. A PDF file is used to contain crucial information and structure of other formats of documents. However, these PDF files are able to save image, text, graphics, hyperlinks, etc., and can be viewed on any platform. Also, it can add password protection, comments and enable accessibility. But, sometimes users want to unprotect protected PDF file. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to discuss a trustworthy approach, i.e., PDF Unlocker tool which can easily remove lock from PDF file.

Convert Locked PDF to Unlock PDF via PDF Unlocker Tool

Password protection in a PDF document is good due to security reasons, but sometimes it becomes quite irritating to enter a password every time. Thus, people search for PDF permissions removal software which can remove security from PDF file instantly. So, it is highly recommended to go for PDF Unlocker Portable software that helps to unprotect potected PDF file by removing restrictions like the comment, signing, document assembly and form filling. This utility is capable enough to convert locked PDF to unlock PDF in just a few seconds. It comes with an intuitive GUI and is compatible with all Windows versions, including 32 and 64 bit.

unlock pdf restrictions

Salient Features of the Tool to Unprotect Protected PDF File

  • Remove Document Restrictions from PDF

This PDF Unlocker tool allows a user to remove PDF protection. It can simply secure PDF to unsecured for copying, editing, printing, and extraction. Furthermore, it provides PDF permissions removal facility i.e., comment, signing, document assembly, and PDF form filling. After unprotecting PDF file, next users can save it to a specific location.

  • PDF Password Removal Facility

With this application, you can remove owner level password from a portable document file and can surely unprotect protected PDF file. If the user level password is applied to a PDF file, then you can easily unlock it by providing a respective password when prompted. After unprotecting PDF file, resulting document will not prompt for the password to open.

  • Remove Lock from PDF in Batch

If users have many PDF files and having a common PDF restriction or with some particular restrictions, then Adobe PDF Unlocker can delete PDF password for editing, copying, printing, and extracting data. For bulk operation, users have to order for Business or Enterprise license of the software.

  • Delete PDF Signing & Comment Restriction

This tool facilitates a user to remove PDF comment protection. But, after deleting comment security from a PDF file user can add comments in highlighted text format or in sticky notes. This application allows removing signing PDF file restriction so that the users can easily sign their PDF document. In simple terms, the signing makes an authentic document and ensures a person that document comes from the verified source.

  • Allows to Maintain the Data Integrity

This software maintains the file integrity when it unprotect protected PDF files. There will be no changes to the original formatting of the portable document file. It will also keep the attachments and other kinds of data formatting intact for a respective document.

  • Preview Permissions of Portable File

As browsing and loading any PDF file, the tool will list of all of the associated permissions at once. Users can view the current status of PDF permission in ‘After’ and ‘Before’ columns respectively, as they browse PDF. After the completing the PDF permissions removal process, the software will change permission status accordingly.

Advantages of the Software to Convert Locked PDF to Unlock PDF

  • Provide option to remove PDF restrictions like Printing, Copying, Editing, Extracting text.
  • There is no need to install Adobe Acrobat to convert secured PDF unsecured.

Why Users Prefer PDF File Unlocker Application?

As everyone knows, there are so many applications available online to unprotect protected PDF file. But, PDF Unlocker is one of the best email programs that helps to remove PDF security in bulk. It provides the facility to remove PDF document assembly restriction and PDF Comment protection as well. This utility is available with both demo as well as the licensed version. Moreover, PDF Unlocker tool is the perfect solution to erase signing restriction PDF document file. It is very easy to use and advisable by most of the data recovery experts.

Observational Verdict

According to my skills and the experience, I must say PDF Unlocker is a tremendous application for PDF permissions removal process. With this utility, users can easily unprotect protected PDF file within a few seconds. The best thing is that there is no need to install Adobe Acrobat to convert locked PDF to unlock PDF. Based upon its overall performance, I would like to rate it 9.7 out of 10.

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