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7 Creative Ways to Make Money From Your Blog

Do you know? There are more than 440 millions of blogs online. Have you ever wondered? How these bloggers are making money from their blog? Though most of the products or services they are offering are available at free of cost. They are still making huge money from their blog.

How? How one can make real money from intangible website or blog? What are the various ways to make money from a blog? If you are looking for the same answer then this post will help you.

It’s a normal tendency that if someone asks you how to make money from the online blog then you will definitely reply through Google Advertisement. The bloggers are paid for showing ads on their blog. But do you think this is the only way to make money from your blog?

No, there are many other ways also. Below, we have shared all those ways to make money from your blog or website. If you are struggling with making money from advertisements then you can implement any other way mentioned below.

So, what are we waiting for? Let us discuss all those ways below.

Google AdSense

No matter, what options are available with you. Google AdSense will always remain your first choice. In fact, every blogger starts earning online through this platform only. Blogging is the primary and first source of income for every blogger.

On Google AdSense, you will get paid for showing Google ads on your blog. All you need to do is create an Adsense account and paste Adsense code on your site. Rest, Google AdSense will take care of it.

Paid Reviews

This is another best way to make money from your blog. In this, you will get paid for publishing reviews about someone else website or blog. In simple words, you will get paid for referring.

This method will work best if you are receiving a good amount of traffic on your blog. The traffic is directly proportionate to amount paid for publishing reviews on your blog.

Direct Advertisement

Yes, you can also make money by advertising directly on your blog. This method is quite similar to Google AdSense, the only difference is in Direct Advertisement, there will be no intermediary like Google. You will get directly paid form the advertisers.

Of course, you will charge more amount for showing advertisement on the homepage rather than any other web pages of the blog.

Affiliate Program

This is another best way to make money from a website. In this method, you need to join an affiliate program paying a certain amount of commission for promoting and selling their products.

In simple parlance, you will get paid for promoting and selling affiliated products and services. There will be a different rate of commission for different products and services.

For example, Flipkart provides 7% commission on selling any ebooks from Flipkart. Hence, if you promote and sell ebooks from Flipkart then you will get paid 7% of the sales amount as commission.

Selling Products or Services

If you don’t want to promote and sell affiliated products or services then you can even start selling your own products or services on your blog. You can prepare a pdf file consisting of ‘how to’ tutorials and sell it on your blog.

Your visitors will purchase it from your blog. To implement this option on your blog, all you need is installing any Cart plugin on your blog and opening an account with any payment gateway like Paypal.

It is no mandate that you only sell ebooks online. If you have any other products or services to sell than you can also make money by selling it.

Paid Backlinks

This is another creative way to make money from your blog. In this, you will get paid for linking back to any website. It is quite similar to paid reviews. The only difference is in this case, you do not need to published anything. You only need to edit your already published article and link any other website.

The amount paid for backlinks will be directly related to your domain authority and web traffic. The greater the traffic and domain score, the more you will get paid for the backlinks.

People are paying for the backlinks because Backlinks are very important factors for ranking your website on any search engine. A Good Quality Backlinks are very important for any blog or website to rank on the first page.


This is not the direct way to make money from your blog but indirectly donation will help you to make some extra money from your blog. In this case, the online visitors will donate some amount of money to keep your site or blog active and updated.

Of course, this technique will not work if you want to make huge money from your website or blog.

Over to You

So, it is not only the Advertisement through which bloggers are making money. Besides Advertisement, a blogger can make money from various other methods also.

If you are a newbie and not aware of these methods before then what are you waiting for? Implements these methods immediately and start making money from your blog.

Next, feel free to contact us if you face any problem in implementing and using the above-mentioned methods. We will be more happy to help you in making money from your blog.

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