5 Beneficial Features Of Elementor Page Builder Plugin

A majority of people looking for a professional to build a website hire a WordPress developer. The numerous useful features of the platform attract them towards itself. The open-source CMS helps in economic and rapid web development but it lacks a visual editor. This can be a problem for beginners. The Elementor page builder plugin helps to overcome this issue by replacing the default editor with a visual frontend editor. It eliminates the need for switching between the editor and the preview while designing an interface. Let’s take a look at some of the most beneficial features of Elementor plugin.

1. Faster Editing With Visual Drag And Drop Editor

As mentioned earlier, the biggest advantage of this plugin is its visual drag and drop editor. The professional can see the changes live as they are made in the editor. It comes loaded with a number of widgets that can be used for adding basic elements. There are widgets available for images, buttons, and various other necessary features. People who are familiar with the default editor of WordPress will immediately understand the advantage of using this plugin. Creating content in one location and then switching to the preview mode can be a tedious job. It also makes the whole process needlessly time-consuming. Moreover, watching the preview and then modifying again also harms the productivity of the professional who can never be sure about the accuracy of his/her work. People using Elementor have to simply drag the desired elements and drop them at a selected location. The plugin offers device previews which help get an idea of how a website will look on different screens.

2. Pre-built Templates For Content Design

The plugin has more than 300 pre-built templates categorized according to various industries. A user has to simply pick one which meets his/her requirements and start building the website. With the design elements in place, only the content needs to be added to create a web page. People also have the liberty to use different elements present in the library to create their own unique designs. They can save these templates and use them again in the future. They can also import new samples from third-party entities to the plugin. Elementor also has blocks which are different page sections that can be collectively added to create a new page. The plugin allows people to build attractive pages in quick time. Let’s say an entrepreneur needs to create a landing page for a new product. With Elementor, the business owner can select a landing page template, add all the necessary content and immediately launch the page.

3. Facility For Dynamic Scaling

Elementor has page sections where the layout and content of a website are designed. These sections are further divided into one or more columns. A user has the facility for resizing the dimensions of a section as well as the columns within it. People can simply use the drag functionality to do the modifications and also add new columns. Apart from resizing it also has the facility for dynamic scaling of sections, columns, and widgets. Users can do so by adjusting the padding settings i.e the space between an element and its border. All these features help in giving the design an organized and attractive look. Moreover, with mobile users outnumbering traditional desktop users, creating layouts that render perfectly on smart devices has become essential. This is one of the biggest benefits of Elementor plugin which helps professionals create mobile-friendly designs  

4. Pre-loaded Feature For Building Forms

A website is not just a tool for providing information but an avenue for marketing products and generating business. Enterprises need a functionality to gain information from prospective customers as well as partners. For this reason, forms have become an important element that all interfaces must have. Elementor has a widget for building forms which does not require any coding input. Users can drag and drop the desired fields and exercise total control over the layout. They can add more than 10 different fields and collect information regarding phone number and emails as well as URLs. As compared to using an external form builder and shortcode for the purpose, this is a much easier method. People can also integrate the form with any of the major email marketing services like MailChimp, Zapier, HubSpot etc.   

5. Create Beautiful Call To Actions

Another major requirement of clients to improve their conversion rate is call to action (CTA) buttons. These tabs help website owners in converting visitors into registered users or consumers by performing the desired action. Elementor has a widget for the purpose which lets professionals create beautiful and compelling call to actions. The widget can be used to create a box layout which will contain the image, content and the tab. Users can deploy advanced filters, hover animation and blending techniques to increase the visual appeal of the CTAs. Just like it does in every aspect, the plugin gives complete control to the user over every design element. People have the flexibility to arrange the elements in their preferred manner and encourage visitors to click the button.


These are just some of the numerous benefits of Elementor plugin which makes web designing easier and more convenient. Users must try this visual builder with drag and drop facility to create beautiful pages in a short time.

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