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How to Find the Perfect Custom Water Bottles? 5 Solid Tips

Personalized water bottles are not only a great gift for someone, but they are also great for promoting team spirit. You could also get a water bottle customised for specific events or even for your company. There are plenty of options you could look at when searching for custom water bottles. There are plenty of options you could consider, and there are also plenty blunders you can accidentally commit. Here are a few tips you should consider while buying a customised bottle.

Do you want to give a plastic bottle? Or maybe a sturdy steel one for durability. Maybe a glass one for home decor. Make sure you understand what the bottle would be used for, and what would be appreciated by the recipient.

Gifting a glass bottle to an adventure junkie isn’t the worst idea, and they could probably use it at home, but understanding individual needs would make the gift much more precious. A steel bottle would be much more practical for the said example recipient, and they could carry it around with them on their next adventure, and be reminded of you every time they use it.

Price and Quality
It is easy to lose quality trying to save a few bucks. It doesn’t mean you have to go for the expensive, ones, they could be badly built too. If anything compromises your gift, then that isn’t a good deal. You could look for the perfect pick between these two parameters. There are great quality options available for a fair price. If you are buying physically, you’d have to scan the entirety of the store before you can be assured of the perfect buy. If buying online, simply hop onto other websites and check for your bottle.

Search online
Shopping online is a simpler and better option compared to physical shopping. You could surf through much more options, compare prices, and even read reviews for the item to gain insight on the items, all while enjoying a cup of tea on your couch.
Online vendors like,, Perfico, etc, are great options for buying customised water bottles online. You could get a label printed exclusively for your bottle at a slight premium.

Put some effort into it
Someone who loves home decor would appreciate if you get them a showpiece for their showcase. A simpler person might enjoy a simpler design on a plastic bottle. Wrap your gift in a satin cloth, which could also be an additional gift. Personalise your bottle with an inside joke, or an intimate moment (if the gift is for a loved one), or include a personal note. There are plenty of ways you help make the gift feel much better.

Plan/check for every detail
Get scheduled delivery on your online purchase, or have it delivered before time and give it to the person yourself. Also, make sure your personalised message is devoid of any mistakes or errors. Check and plan every detail, and do it early, so that you don’t run out of time in the end.

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