bottled water coolers

Bottled Water Coolers Deliver Better Water With More Convenience

While in years past, people would have scoffed at paying good money for water, buying bottled water is a multi-million dollar industry today. Many people live in areas where the main source of municipal water is the stuff that is recycled through a water treatment plant. The taste of this water is often less then ideal, leading to the increase in purchased water. Bottled water coolers are also more common, as people want a convenient way to make sure that the water is always at the right temperature.

Most bottled water coolers have the same basic features. First, standard sized water bottles will generally fit in any water cooler. Most coolers are compatible with other brands of bottled water. For example, while a company may sell both items, a Sylvania cooler will take bottles made by Elkay. The intakes are usually the same size. Once the water bottle in placed into the cooler, it runs into a holding chamber. If the cooler only dispenses cold water, it is refrigerated at this point. However, for those models that also heat water, those processes aren’t fulfilled until the water is ready to be dispensed. ADA compliant coolers also feature a drain system to get rid of the extra water. Hot water guards are also necessary for a good ADA rating. This will protect young children from burns.

Of course, because there is heating and cooling involved, bottle water coolers take a bit of electricity to run. While water will run through the system and dispense just fine without power, you have to have it hooked up in order to cool. This is simple to do, regardless of the setup of your home or office, and is quite inexpensive. You can purchase either full sized or table top models. A table top model takes up very little room and is the cheapest option. Full sized coolers are ideal for a busy home or a large office.

Anytime you decide that the tap water in your area is just not that appealing, bottled water is the best choice. Using bottled water coolers allows you to buy water in larger, more affordable bottles and have it the correct temperature at all times.

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