7 Most Beautiful and Romantic Flowers for your Sweetheart

Flowers are the most reliable commodities for expressing our love to our sweetheart. With flowers, it is easy to say “I love you” to our partner. With flowers the communication becomes easy, for example, if our loved one is upset with us we can make up for a fight with flowers easily and our partner will let go off in no time. Also, Roses are considered flowers of romance but don’t you think they are overrated? So here we are with a list of most beautiful and romantic flowers other than Rose for your Sweetheart.

1) Tulips

You would be surprised to know that red tulip too represents love. Tulips come in so many different colours like Red, White, Pink, Purple, Yellow and ombre shades. They are jolly flowers and immediately brings smile on the face of recipient. This flower blooms for 3 to 7 days and is a spring flower. Tulips are often used as gifts for anniversaries, birthdays and at a start of new relationship. It often conveys messages, “Glad to Meet You” or “You are a special Person”. Tulips are also 11th wedding anniversary flowers, it is given lot of importance when celebrating 11th anniversary.

2) Lilac

Lilacs are beautiful purple shade flowers that can brighten up any corner of the house. These flowers showcase first pangs of love and so it a best idea for new or growing love. It is perfect for birthdays and first official dates. It carries messages like “The first time I saw you, I knew we would have strong connection.” Lilac too represents love, a young love though. But lilac flowers in magenta colour represent strongest love.

3) Orchids

Orchids are one of the most delicate and rarest plants. They even possess a magical property of blooming again after resting for a period of time with care and attention. Orchid’s make the best flowers to greet your better half on Valentine’s Day. You can wish her Valentine’s Day with this message that says, “You are as delicate and rare like these blooms, who has stolen my heart.” Different colour orchids symbolizes different attributes like luck, love, beauty, seduction and hope. Overall Orchids represents luxury and refinement. In total there are about twenty-five thousand different types of orchid so choose one which greets your loved one best.

4) Stargazer Lily

An oriental lily with is of deep fuchsia colour marked with dotted black spots is most beautiful and special for your beautiful partner. You have so many other lilies in options, but this is the best in business. Stargazer lily represents wealth, luxury and prosperity. Usually, lilies are available in all the colours except blue and black, so you can gift accordingly. Bright shades for home and light shades for keeping them in office are given. By giving these blooms you can quote,”These lively and vibrant flowers reminds me of you, stay like this always. Much love”. Stargazer lily needs no specific occasion to be a gift; it makes the moment special by its appearance.

5) Sunflower

It is the brightest of all the blooms. The Sunflowers represent tropical vibes and cheerful atmosphere. Sunflowers also symbolize loyalty. Sunflowers are gifted to your loved ones when your relationship is facing so many ups and downs. These blooms will restore your faith in this relationship. Sunflower carries a message of “Never letting you go, always holding on to you no matter what.” Your lover is in France don’t worry, send flowers to France and surprise her.

6) Daisy

Daises are white elegant flowers with a yellow center. Daisies represent love, loyalty, purity, and innocence. Many times it happens we unknowingly commit a mistake that harms our relationship. Daisies help us prove innocence and ask for forgiveness. Daisy helps us convey the message that says’ “You were, you are and you will be the only one forever”. Daises help you regain your love which is lost due to some misunderstandings.

7) Iris

Iris is the Greek Goddess of love and also a symbol of hope and faith. It is a unique and sophisticated flower that can be gifted on birthday, anniversary and Valentine’s Day. It can convey that message of “My love grows for you each day”. You can send a romantic bouquet of flowers to your beloved on her birthday or any special day for making her day more special.

Flowers convey our feelings and emotions in the best way. From years flowers are used to confess our love to our beloved. So, gift flowers to express love to your sweetheart.

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