6 Office Christmas Party Ideas to Rejoice Holiday with Everyone

Our workplace is like our second home and our colleagues are like our second family. While we are very excited to spend time with our families at Christmas Vacation at the same time we are also a bit sad for not meeting our office friends for days. In our workplace, we do have parties in a while but all of them are mostly formal parties, but as we are on the way to welcome Christmas have a fun party at the office or plan an outdoor party with your office constants.

Here we have a few office Christmas party ideas to have a memorable party to rejoice your holidays with your colleagues.

The Private Party

If you have some restrictions in your office cafe, go for a private party. For this you can book a venue and arrange everything according to your choice. As it is a private party all the subordinates themselves can hold it, if your boss is not very outgoing and lenient for this. You can arrange for a small hall according to the number of invitees and arrange for a caterer. Get the venue beautifully decorated with Christmas decor, to have that Christmas feels. You can organized games or have a DJ night and dance till you drop.

Shared Party Package at the Hotel

It is really fortunate to have a party around this Christmas time because many hotels have this wonderful option of a shared party. This simply means you have to get tickets according to the number of people and take a sit back and relax, as all the preparations are done by the hotelier. You will have good food, nice party atmosphere, dining areas everything. The only thing you have to take into consideration is other people other than your group will also be the part of it. But if you focus on pros, it’s a steal deal.

Formal and Sophisticated

Sometimes Formal Christmas parties are also interesting because you will have all your reputed clients as well as your bosses. You can have nice talks with your clients that would help you for your future business and same goes for bosses as these talks will help to build better relationships with your managers. For this Party, you can book a royal dining hall and arrange for a famous caterer. You can buy Christmas presents online for all your colleagues wishing them Happy Christmas.

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Every one of us possess that tacky Christmas sweater with reindeer, Santa, wool bear and Christmas trees stitched on it. These ugly sweaters are gifted to us by our relatives or our grandmother. It will be thrown in any corner in the house whenever we received it; we have got no occasion to wear it. So why have to organize an occasion to wear it, it would be fun everyone ringing in with their ugly Christmas sweater which they have hardly wore anytime else. With these weird sweaters on the normal day at work would also turn out to be a joyful one.

Santa’s Workshop Christmas Party

We know who the busiest person is on Christmas, its Santa Claus. So built Santa’s workstation where he has piles of gifts and his sleigh ready. We can engage in imaginary activities you feel Santa might be doing. You can get a volunteer who will become Santa and take pictures with him. Along with this you can also arrange team building games, reward the winners and have a wonderful Christmas party at the office. You can work for a cause and instead of doing party do charity of that money or give gifts to the orphans by nicely decorating it.

Chocolate Factory Christmas Party

There are two ways to have this as a team. First of all you can arrange a tour of a chocolate factory with the whole staff of the office and indulge in chocolate making. Or else you can arrange a party in which the venue is decorated with candies and chocolate. The food table consists of a chocolate fountain, chocolate mousse, chocolate bar, and huge lollipops. You can have a theme birthday cake like candies birthday cake. Send Christmas flowers to your colleagues on Christmas and make them feel important.

So before you jump into Christmas celebration at home, arrange for a Christmas party with your second family here at the office.

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