All You Need to Know About Winter Car Maintenance

So finally the first frost has coated your windshield, and you’ve come out with your scraper to get rid of it. Since winter is in, check out these tips that will keep your car moving smoothly through winter challenges.

To deal with winter, you might have covered the basics like the scraper and have had car’s regular scheduled service. If you haven’t had your car serviced yet, get it done ASAP as a mishap that might just be a casual annoyance in summer can be a life-endangering hazard in the winter. It’s imperative for you to keep these winter car-care tips in mind.

Inevitably, you don’t want to get stranded by a dead-battery or get into an accident due to being unable to see out your windows. In case you haven’t taken some of these preventive-care steps, just do it so that you’re ready for the next big chill. To keep your car in good shape in the winter season, here’re a few useful tips. So let’s dive in;

Keep the Battery in Good Shape

When the mercury plummets, the car better is – in most cases – the hard hit. Why? It’s because the cold temperatures often reduce the cranking power. At about 0° F, a car battery has about half the cranking power left that used to be full at 80° F. To check your battery, just remove plastic caps from the top to check the fluid level. In case the fluid is low, you can add distilled water.

If you have the maintenance-free battery, you should check the window on the top of the battery indicates a fully charged state. In case it’s more than 5-years old showing signs of weakness, you must consider replacing it with a top-rated model.

Replace Wiper Blades

Do you think you don’t need to replace the wiper blades? Well, that’s not true. You must replace the wiper blades more often than you think. As per the tests performed, even the premium & high-performance wiper blades lose effectiveness in as little as 6-months. If you start noticing the streaks or missed expanses of glass, it’s the clear sign that the blades are going too old.

You can stretch the wipers’ life by cleaning the rubber edge using a paper towel and glass cleaner, but it isn’t safe if you practice it continually. Experts recommend that you should replace the wiper blades twice a year.

Get New Tires

With your old tires, you’re quite likely to spin out in the snow & end up in a ditch. So it’s good to pick up a new set of tires as the safety depends on tire traction. Keep in mind! The winter-grade tires are often in short supply when the snow begins to fall.

In case your area gets occasional snow, you should consider a new set of all-season tires. Make sure you look for the highly rated set that performs well in snow-traction & ice braking tests. It’s safest to replace all 4-tires at one time. You can also discuss this with professionals when you head on for the car maintenance in Dubai.

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