Zirconium And Tungsten As The Alternative Metals For Men’s Jewelry

Until very recently, men only had a handful of choices when choosing the metal for their wedding ring. The only options for metals for the wedding ring band were Gold, Silver, and platinum. Undoubtedly these are excellent choices for metals that can be used in the wedding bands, but with the advent of new technologies, these three options have been joined by a slew of new options like Titanium, cobalt, zirconium, tungsten and more.

What are the benefits of using Zirconium?Zirconium though is a newcomer among the metals that have been ideally used for centuries to manufacture wedding rings. It is fast becoming the material of choice for the male market because zirconium rings are manufactured with modern contemporary designs. And are coupled with strength and durability.

It is hypoallergenic, lightweight, and strong and when heat treated forms a silky black, ceramic-like sapphire hardness oxide coating. Zirconium is extremely resistant to scratches, and the coating resists chipping. If you want to show masculinity in your jewellery, then there’s no better option than zirconium.

There’s a whole new mesmerizing collection of Zirconium rings that would evoke a deep sense of awe in your minds the moment you start to see the rings. Gift Zirconium tungsten rings for men to your spouse and finds out how it makes a difference in their personality as well as their outlook towards you.

Why tungsten?

Unique in appeal and strong by design, tungsten is a very hard, scratch resistant and durable metal that can retain its appearance for many years. The rings made up of tungsten don’t show signs of bending as seen in other precious materials like gold or platinum. Tungsten rings are available in different styles like Sandblasted tungsten rings, handcrafted meteorite rings, multi-colored rings, carbon fibre rings etc. Tungsten rings not only provide men with a classy look with a durable structure but also have many advantages over the traditional precious metals like:

  • The finish of tungsten rigs will last for a longer time with no dull effect giving you the new polished look even after several years.
  • It is entirely hypoallergenic, so you don’t need to worry about the rashes, itching or red patches that occur when you wear a ring for everyday use.
  • Tungsten shows similarity with platinum regarding weight giving a classy and rich look to the wearer.
  • It is affordable as compared to other materials or even white gold.

What are the Sandblasted rings?

Tungsten is a great choice for them who not only want their wedding vows to last longer but also want their rings to last for an entire life and that too at numerous unique styles. Let’s take the example of the Sandblasted Tungsten rings. The texture of the sandblasted ring has a gritty or grainy cool and unique texture that won’t easily scratch or show flaws in the metal, which can happen over the lifetime of the ring. The sandblasted finish gives a ring a sparkling look, which looks like the surface of the ring is embedded with several tiny crystals. These rings are ideal for men who are tired of rings that scratch and get worn out easily due to the rough daily schedule. In the modern day where a wedding is signified as a gala affair for one to two days, the memories last for an entire lifetime.

Everyone knows what significance does a wedding ring bear in a relationship and men usually don’t wear wedding rings often as they don’t go with every attire. So Zirconium tungsten rings for men are the ideal and most trustworthy option if you want to make the memory last for a lifetime.

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