Why does Pashmina is called The Gold of Fibers?

Formerly, the Nepalese mountain dwellers recovered in the rare bushes as well as on the sharp rocks of the Himalayan slopes, tufts of hair which had been rid of the small wild goats called locally Changrya, during their molt of spring.

The precious down once collected, went back down to the plain, where it took the name of Pashmina, the local appellation of cashmere. It was then often exported, mainly to Indian cashmere. This province has acquired in the past, experienced in the weaving of this material, and gave it its name. The Pashmina was also woven on the spot and transformed into shawls intended for the nobility or the upper-middle class.

Pashmina is also called “the gold of fibers”, a sign of its rarity and exclusivity. Pashmina shawls have the particularity of being finished with very fine fringes, the end of which is knotted by hand, which represents considerable work. The authentic Pashmina, if we respect the tradition, is executed on manual looms, in the most beautiful cashmere or a cashmere-silk blend (generally in a proportion of 70% cashmere and 30% silk).

Add a Pashmina Scarf with a Mid Season Outfit

Despite the arrival of spring, the sun, and the heat are not there. It is still not advised to leave your house without a big coat and the woolen scarf. However, let’s face it: It’s not the hottest look there is. So, why not wear the pashmina, to combine comfort and style?

Today, the production of pashmina scarves is mainly carried out by hand in Kathmandu in Nepal, or in India. Its realization depends on unique know-how, thus allowing the creation of a warm, shiny stole, wholesale pashmina scarves, protecting from the cold in all circumstances and even, sometimes, resistant to rain!

The versatility of the Pashmina Scarves

Pashmina scarves can be diverted in any possible color. So there is something for everyone. It is an accessory that can be used by both men and women. In addition, thanks to the multitude of materials from which it can be made, you can wear it both during the long cold winter months and during summer evenings, in case of a cool breeze. Who hasn’t dreamed of wrapping themselves in a giant scarf endlessly and never leaving it? This is possible if you opt for the Pashmina scarf from the website of the best scarf suppliers. The oversized trend is also transmitted to accessories. Remember to combine your pashmina scarf with more fitted clothes to avoid the potato bag effect.

The advantage of pashmina is its size. Indeed, it is so large that the possibilities of wearing it seem endless! The most classic way will be to wear it as a sling. Whether by tying it around the neck, with a headband or by letting it hang on both sides of his shoulders, it will bring warmth and style. It is also possible to wear a pashmina as a scarf, on your hair. Made in a lighter fabric, the pashmina can be worn on the shoulders or falling on the elbows, to sublimate a dress after a wedding for example.

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