The classic and ethereal chikankari kurtis

Kurtis is the best Indian wear. They are available in different designs, patterns, cuts, and lengths. You can never stop women from being comfortable in a kurti. The designs in which it is been made is inspired by the rich culture and tradition of India. The kurtis show the world about Indian fashion. The roots of this kurtis are very amusing as they were once worn by brave Indian queens. One of the kurtis which carries the traditional designs of India is the chikankari kurtis. The chikan work on the kurti is extremely beautiful.  Many say that chikankari kurtis are magic with a white thread as these chikan works basically are made with white thread designs and patterns.

Today there are numerous options available in a chikankari kurti. You can get the kurti in many fine fabrics such as organza, silk, and chiffon. The chikankari kurtis are also stitched with colored threads today to make this attire up to date. There are lots of works which can be done in this chikankari kurtis such as mirror works, beads and lots of other embellishments can be added to it. The chikankari kurtis are gracefully handcrafted. You can customize the prints and designs of kurti. There are trendiest designs available on a chikankari kurti. There are many unique chikankari stitching styles available let’s see some of them now.

The illuminating mirror work

The extremely breath-taking chikan works and mirror work in a kurti are supremely mind-blowing. This kurti looks majestic when worn to any special occasion. You can stick with the traditional white colour or you can customize it by choosing a different colour. There is a different kind of chikankari stitches available. For this mirror work, chikankari kurti the murri stitches are perfect.  This chikan stitch is mild and it is not all over the kurti. When combining the mirror work to it the outfit will have a balance of some dazzle and simplicity.

The simple narrow cut

A simple narrow cut chikankari kurti adds elegance and grace to the attire. You can pair this kurti with matching palazzo pants.  You can even match it up with a nice organza shawl. Look ethereal and simply beautiful wearing this chikankari kurti. The narrow cuts in the sides help to draw attention in the pretty chikankari patterns. The kurti looks flowy and it is absolutely comfortable to wear. You can choose pastel colours for this kurti design. You can accessorise this attire by wearing nice earrings and chains.  The narrow cut chikankari kurti is a classic beauty.


The amazing varieties of Chikankari kurtis

  • The frock and rock kurtis

If you remember the days you wore frocks did it simply make you feel nostalgic? Do not worry because you can wear the frocks again that too not the ordinary frocks but with a little twist. The frock style kurtis will bring back your childhood days. You can feel bouncy and funny when you wear this kurti. They are really fashionable and stylish. You can feel young at heart when you wear this kurti. Pair it with loose trousers on a casual picnic day. It will be comfortable for you to flaunt it.

  • The front and side slits

These kinds of kurtis are eye-catching to look at. They can make a very effective fashion statement if you are deciding to do it. For women who love contemporary wear, they can try this style of kurti. The bold detail like the front slit can make a great sensation. You can wear it with denim or leggings for a perfect look. Wear a high heel pump for a kick. You can look smart and glamorous in this style.

  • Cropper affair

Wearing salwar and other pants are old school. Nowadays fashion is all about being effortless and simple. Therefore wear fashionable cropped pants for getting a relaxed look. Long kurtis in loose silhouettes are the dresses women go for now. No need of your kurti to be a perfect fit you can wear it loose and casual. The designer Khadi kurti for women is available in many shades. The colours like a parrot, indigo, blue are some of the famous hues. Just rig out in these designer pieces and see how much fans you get.  Go out to beach, reunions, get-togethers and other informal parties in this kurti.

  • The shirt and the style

Do you want to look crisp and business-like? Then nothing can win over the shirt type kurtis and their elegance. This kurtis with a definite collar can make women look strong and confident. Collars can give a naturally respectable look. The collars with the buttons in the straight line until the end can give you a very neat and decent appearance. For an outing match the dress with a palazzo. Go to business lunches wearing this kurti to continue the business like appearance even at parties. They can make you look on point and perfect.

  • The kurti in mustard

At the moment, one color can be seen everywhere and that is mustard. This yellow has been the color of many fashionable dresses this year. This yellow is bright and grounded also. It is dazzling and attractive to the eyes. You can wear this color anywhere by just adding a few accessories for additional improvement. On the whole, this color can do wonders for your kurtis.

Kurtis can be flaunted on many occasions. They are the kind of dresses that simply cannot be replaced. The hold of this kurtis on women is still strong. No dress can break the bond. It is casual and chic to wear a kurti. The chikankari kurtis are unique in the art that is performed on the kurti as well as the fabric used for creating it. This kurtis are timeless and lasting. You can purchase the kurtis online where they cater for the specific kurti designs you need. Therefore do not think twice order the kurti now and adorn yourself in this magnificent kurtis.

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