Some details about birthday cakes

When it is a birthday then nothing can beat a very rich and special birthday cake. Birthday cakes have always been a ritual in the past decades or even centuries to begin the happy occasion.

It has been a reason for celebration and cutting a birthday cake always makes one happy. For birthday cakes delivery one can order from online cake sites and send it to their near and dear ones. There are some lovely options these days when it comes to birthday cakes.

But, one can always think that from where the concept of birthday cakes arrived. Since when it became almost like a ritual to cut a cake on birthdays? Well, this also has a back story.

In the 8th century, Romans used to celebrate birthdays with their family and friends. They also used to make a cake which was mostly round in shape and they were honey cakes which were made from grated cheese, wheat flour, olive oil and honey. This was a tradition of celebrating birthdays there and it went on for centuries. Later in 1400s the varieties of birthday cakes came to the scene. It is that time when the bakeries in Germany started making and selling one layered cakes which were made from sweetened dough. These became very popular in children’s birthday parties. At the beginning of 17th century, evolved birthday cakes that had several layers, icings, toppings and some decorations too. But at that point of time, all those ingredients which were needed to make those cakes were very expensive and so only wealthy family could afford them. From 1800s, the bakery items became more affordable and since then even regular people started celebrating their birthdays with layered and decorated cakes.

But cutting a birthday cake is not the only thing. Lighting up the birthday candles on the cake is also a major part of the celebration. This tradition of putting candles on the cakes began with the ancient Greeks. They used to offer a moon shaped cake to their Goddess of moon named Artemis. In order to resemble the glowing light of the moon the Greeks used to light candles on the cake. Then they used to blow out them and made a wish so that the smoke of those candles carries their message to the moon. It is still thought that if one can blow all the candles with a single breath then it will make their wish come true.

In fact, there is always a rendition of the song ‘Happy Birthday to you’ for centuries and this song was written by 2 sisters in 1893 who lived in Kentucky. The original song was named ‘Good morning to all’ and it has the same tune as the Happy Birthday song. This song became very popular across the country soon and later it became the song for birthday celebrations in the world.

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