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How is Islamic women dressing is different

According to the Islamic custom and their mythology women has to cover her face or whole body, there are a variety of things they have to carry other than regular clothes as compared to other religion. It considers as a security risk and a flag of fundamentalism, many people are trying to ban it but that it the faith and love for the religion.

Islamic women clothing includes burkha, hijab, chador, dupatta, the niqab. According to the Quran, it calls for both men and women to cover and be modest. Men also wear cover their heads by small caps. It should notice that codes of conduct when it comes to dressing they are pretty relaxed at home and with the family members. Some of the basic requirements they have to follow before any public appearance should be:

  • Body parts need to be covered: the first guidance according to Islam all body parts need to be covered included in public.
    • For women: in general, call for women to cover the body is chest, Quran calls for women says head-coverings over breasts, and prophet Muhammad instructed women to cover their body except for face and hands. Many women were chador and cover their whole bodies.
    • For men: as per Quran call for men the minimum amount of mass to be included is between navel and knee.
  • Looseness: Islam direct women not to wear tighter clothes; anyone could not distinguish the shape of the body. Skinning and tightly fitted wardrobes, body hugger is not allowed for both men and women that is the reason most men were kurta and pajamas.
  • Thickness: clothes should not be transparent, and material should think enough that no one could see through it, for even men and women as well. Color of the skin should not be visible in public nor the shape of the body.
  • Appearance: person should look modest according to the religion, over bright and flashy clothes may include in the exposure of the body but defeat the purpose of modesty.
  • Do not imitate anyone: Islam encourages itself, and therefore it is not right to imitate any other religion and want to achieve any other person’s look, beyond the boundaries of Islam. Women should be proud of themselves and their dressing and never try to be like men, same goes with men they should be proud of their masculinity. Men are told not to wear gold and silk because of this.
  • Not to be flashy: Quran clearly said one should not dress over excessively fancy or ragged, one should not be in clothes that gain attention in any negative form.

Islamic dressing for ladies and men are almost the same it just the way of dressing that differs, both have to cover the body and not to in act like anyone else, women have to were hijab or has to cover their heads by any dupatta it is easily be available online and offline as well in many designs and formats.

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