Anniversary Gift Ideas

FIVE Out-of-the-Box Anniversary Gift Ideas For Your Loved One

Expressing love can undoubtedly be a little tricky. This becomes seemingly impossible especially when you’re on the right budget. But that’s just a myth, to be honest.

You don’t require a load of dough to express your love to your partner especially on the day of your anniversary. What you need is a little bit of imagination and desire. A bit of improvisation here and there and you’ll have your partner the perfect anniversary gift which will be memorable at the same time.

Here are a few out of the box anniversary gift ideas that might come in handy for you.

  1. Mix “puns” in edible items

If you want to send your partner a unique message of appreciation, double meaning phrases (or puns) should be the weapon of your choice. And if you can couple that message with something edible, the message will act as the icing on the cake for you.

For example:

Cook something sweet for your partner such as a nice clean little dessert say, a lemon cake (your partner’s favorite) and insert a beautifully decorated note in it that bears a message like “You are sweet” on one side and “Just like this cake” on the other.

The entire act should be a form of surprise. Surprise gifts are definitely the best of the lot.

  1. Use a deck of cards to your advantage

You’ll be surprised to know how little things like a deck of cards is more than capable of giving your message that extra zing factor that you had craved for at the start.

Get yourself a deck of cards. And write something that you love about your partner on each card (example: your eyes are divine etc.) individually. Let your imagination run wild and you’ll definitely get yourself a good choice of words on each and every card among the 52 ones of the lot.

Soon afterward, ask your partner to a game preferably on that special day of yours where s/he has to choose a card from the deck is random. Give that game a name, something like “52 special things that I love about you.”

Points will be awarded on basis of the things s/he agrees with you [1 for each correct card]. If you don’t score above 40, you fail to pass the test.

  1. Send a virtual E-card to your partner

Plenty of unique, beautifully designed as well as free anniversary ecards are available on the internet. You can avail anyone to your benefit.

The best thing about these virtual cards is that you can send these to your partner’s mailbox in the blink of an eye. It happens almost instantly on a single click. Couple that benefits with a “zero” price tag and what you’ll get is a gem indeed if you use it the right way.

Just make sure you have a creative wish ready. The more creative your wish is, the more romantic it’s going to be.

  1. Organize a wild outdoor adventure in your very own home

Yep, this might look a bit paradox but we can guarantee that the experience will be fun and romantic at the same time. Remember camping in your living room as a kid? Yes, we are asking you to do exactly that with your partner.

Set up a tent in your living room, lay out a beautiful blanket and decorate the surroundings with candles and wine. And don’t forget to litter the place with a few leaves and flower petals to give it that wild look. Bring your favorite snacks, put on the music and that’s it. You are ready to roll.

Note: As far as wild outdoor adventures are concerned, plenty of event agency London companies can help you out there.

  1. Surprise your partner with a romantic massage

A romantic massage is definitely one of the best possible anniversary gifts that you can gift to your partner.

Don’t forget to create a calm ambiance first like dimming the lights, putting on a soothing music and so on. Then give your partner a through body massage. Plenty of tutorials are available on the internet. Use them to your benefits.

So that’s it then. We’ll be signing off for the time being. But before that, a very happy anniversary to you and your partner. Ciao!

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