Winter Clothing For Men And Women

What Are The Different Varieties Of Winter Clothing For Men And Women?

Winter clothes are usually made of a few layers of insulating clothing materials that help to keep the person wearing them warm. Some of them are also water-resistant and can be used for rainy days as well. Both men and women have a variety of winter clothes that are used to keep themselves warm and protect against low temperatures. Since keeping the wearer warm is the only task, winter clothing is not limited in style and has an almost comparable number of designs and variety as summer wear.

Types of winter clothing

  1. Jacket – A jacket is s piece of clothing used to cover the torso and the arms and protect them from chilly winds or cold climate. Jackets can be of different types and provide different degrees of insulation based on the material lined on the inside of the jacket.
  2. Coat – A coat is, in general, a longer version of the jacket and serves the same purpose. A coat is a little wider to accommodate for any other innerwear like woollen sweaters or scarf. A coat can be of any length from above the knees to one that fully covers the front.
  3. 3. Tops and Dresses – For places that are very cold throughout the year, winter clothing is necessary the whole time. So, dresses and tops knitted from wool are quite popular where it snows all the time and is filled with chilly winds.
  4. 4. Gloves – Wearing a glove is important while going outdoors in cold climate as the jacket or coat does not protect the fingers. As fingers are filled with nerve endings, it is advised to wear a pair of woolen or fleece or thick leather gloves.
  5. Hats, caps and scarfs – It is very important to cover the head while going out during cold weather. If not covering your head, neck and ears, prolonged exposure to the cold can lead to fever or sometimes even hypothermia. A jacket with a hoodie will suffice and cover the head and the neck. A beanie can also be used with a scarf if the jacket does not have a hoodie. All of these are available in a various number of designs and are also available with different material options.
  6. Shoes and boots – Wearing regular shoes might suffice during chilly weather, but that is not always sufficient. So, having proper winter boots or shoes to wear is important during snowy days.
  7. Suits and sportswear – Many winter sports have specific and fitting clothing defined for it. This is to ensure the person is warm enough and can enjoy the sport rather than shivering in the cold. Some examples are a ski suit, snowmobile suit, etc.

While there are a variety of climates in India, low temperatures are very common in the northern hilly regions and hill stations. So, while people are looking to buy women’s sweaters online India has many local shops and knitters who cater to most of the winter clothing needs while also providing a huge variety of designs.

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