Different Types Of Breast Pads And Their Benefits

Different Types Of Breast Pads And Their Benefits

Breast pads or nursing pads are basically made from comfortable fabric and contains fuller cups. These are used for breastfeeding and can be easily placed in any kind of bra.

After pregnancy and delivery, many mothers experience some milk leakage that leads to a high degree of inconvenience. This situation is called as hyper-lactation where breast starts leaking due to excess production of milk. To cope with this problem, nursing pads are the best solutions.

There are many different kinds of nursing pads but most of the mommies prefer to use reusable breast pads. Moreover, breast leakage also leaves visible patches or stains on clothes that are usually very hard to clean.

So, to avoid this problem, you should buy best breast pads and most preferably washable breast pads.

Check out the different types of nursing pads.

  1.    Disposable Breast Pads

This type of pads is made for one-time use only. These are best to use while travelling as you can wear them once and then throw away. Disposable breast pads are available in many different types of shapes and size.

The only disadvantage of these pads is that they will be very costly on your budget. This is because you are using a pad only once and you have to buy new every time.

  1.    Reusable Nursing Pads

Reusable nursing pads are also known as washable nursing pads and as the name tells, you can use them multiple times. There is no need to throw every pad after every use and that makes them very user-friendly. These pads will save you lots of money as compared to disposable pads.

  1.    Hydrogel Pads

Hydrogel pads are basically used for treating irritation of sore nipples instead of preventing leakage. You can easily store hydrogel pads in the refrigerator to get the cooling effect.

Here are the main benefits of using nursing pads.

  1.    Soaks Milk Leakage

The main purpose of using breast pads is to minimize the effects of milk leakage. Nursing pads primarily solves this problem by soaking milk leakage from your breast.

It also helps in protecting your outerwear from visible stains and patches. Thus, nursing pads are a must to save you all embarrassment of leakage in front of people.  

  1.    Refines Appearance

Nursing pads also help in refining the appearance of your breast after delivery. During lactation, breasts of mothers lose firmness and become tender. This situation cannot be prevented or avoided even with the use of a supporting bra.

Thus, breast pads act as the additional support system to your breast. They also help in enhancing the appearance of your breast by holding it in the right place.

  1.    Soothes Tenderness

Breastfeeding your baby also increases more tenderness in your nipples. Thus, to avoid that highly uncomfortable rubbing of nipples with bra, pads act as a soft medium between both.

It also helps your nipples to recover quickly by offering the optimal relief level between multiple feeding sessions. If your breast is sore then using soothing hydrogel pads can really fasten the healing process.

Summing Up!!

To avoid unwanted attention and embarrassment due to breast leakage, it is recommended to use high-quality reusable breast pads. In our opinion, the best breast pads are washable breast pads that every mother should use.

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