Romantic Blooms That Send a Romantic Message

7 Romantic Blooms That Send a Romantic Message

Flowers are always one of the precious and expressive gifts in the whole world. You can make anyone feel special by sending their favorite flower as gifts. When you are unable to express your feelings of love to someone, flowers are the best way to express it. All flowers reflect love. there are certain flowers that are epitomes of romanticism. Here are 7perfect blooms to send a romantic message to your beloved.

1) Roses


Roses are an eternal flower of love and passion. They are available in varieties of colors. And each color represents a specific shade of love. Dark red roses are of erotic and passionate love. Normal red roses are divine love that expresses a message of being forever. But if you talk about soft love, then purple roses are the best. For a friendship turning to love, pink roses are best to go with the feelings. Yellow and white roses are for showing love to the significant others. Where there is love, there are roses.

2) Forget-Me-Not



The name of the flower reflects the very importance it carries with it. This flower is one of the special romantic flowers. You can use this flower in two different levels of love. One is when your love is ages old; this flower expresses the feelings of eternal love to the person. The other one is when you are two young lovebirds. But in both the cases, there will be one similarity- she/he has to be the one. As a symbol of true love, this flower can give a very tough competition to Rose as well.

3) White Daisies


Daisy is a very gentle flower that expresses the utter romantic side of love. Daisies are those flowers that make you feel cozy about your true love. There are also many colors of daisies, but the white one is the best for love. The exotic white flower will make your love go mesmerized by its ability to reflect love. This flower makes a perfect reflection of loyal love. So if you are to prove your loyalty to your beloved, then white daisies are best to get it done.

4) White Dittany



White dittany is one of the rarest flowers of the nature that a few people have heard of. There is one beautiful essence of this flower. It is so special that you will never forget this flower once you know it. This white flower is famous as ‘aphrodisiac’. This is mainly a flower for the unmarried couple. Gentlemen gift this flower to the ladies to express their passion and desire for them. But if you have a lucky wife who loves dittany, this can do wonder for your love life as well.

5) Tulips

Tulips are very close to the spring. Besides, you can use this flower as a gift to your ever blooming love for someone. This Turkish flower has a story behind it. It says the first tulip bloomed after the prince rod his horse over the cliff brink. He was heartbroken for the loss of his love and decided to kill himself. This amount of love reflects by this flower. So this can be a perfect Valentine flower. If you are far away, you can send flowers online to your love on special occasions.

6) Orchids

Orchid is a very precious flower to gift on purpose. When you send someone a bouquet of orchids, you mean him/her someone very special close to your life. But before sending orchids as gifts, you best know the hidden meanings attached to them. Some orchids have such meanings you might not want to express to your love. Some even express erotic love for someone. So, it is wise to know before you send wrong flowers to the wrong person.

7) Red Carnations

Rose might be the most famous flower of love, but it is not the only one. Carnations are very cute flowers that can be perfect when you are to turn your friendship into love. For a first date, this can be a very ideal flower. It has a very bad reputation for being a funeral flower. But that is not true. In ‘Westlife’s word, if you ‘Wanna grow old with’ him/her, this is the perfect flower.

 Flowers are best to send emotional messages. The above flowers just make the message of love a little more romantic.

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