5 Special Unique ways to Celebrate Grandma’s 70th Birthday

If you have an elderly couple or person in your family, count it as one of the rarest blessings to your life. When we were kids, grandparents were the only persons whom we received all the favours to do anything. Sometimes, they even helped kids to do some mischievous things as well. The very existence of these people in the home makes it very cosy. When grandmothers were always there to help you out, now it’s your time to return the favour. Grandma is growing older day by day and also things are becoming very uncertain. So, as long as she is with all you, make every moment cheerful for her. Start the celebration with Celebrate Grandma’s 70th Birthday. Here are the 5 most unique ways of celebrating your grandma’s birthday.


1) Throw a Party

Throw a Party

Throwing a birthday party for grandma will be the biggest surprise of her life. Having a blast and celebration on her 70th birthday will be beyond her imagination. Keep it a secret for her. As she is an old soul, try to get an idea of the kinds of things she used to love. Make a list of her favourite movies and songs. Also, try to get an idea of her favourite moments with grandpa. Then create the theme of the party on her choices. Play her all her favourite songs and her favourite movie at the end of the party. Do not forget to order/prepare the food so that she can enjoy it. You can get unique birthday gifts from birthday gift delivery sites to surprise her.


2) Create a Memory Book

Create a Memory Book

Grandma is a treasure of memories. In her 70 long years, she has been a witness to many things. Some of them are very close to her heart. Some she might have forgotten due to her age and fading memories. Whenever you get time, you sit around her and listen to those golden memories your grandma shared. On her 70th birthday when you are throwing a birthday party, the memory book will be perfect. In that memory book, you can stick photos and writings that your grandma is fond of. Getting such a gift will make her very much nostalgic as all those sweet moments will flashback in her eyes.


3) 70 Days of Love Notes in a Jar

70 Days of Love Notes in a Jar

Grandma becoming 70 this year has to be something special. Till all these days, we all have taken many things from grandma. Now it is the time we should return the favours. You can create a love jar, where you put small cheats mentioning messages for her. Some might be your favourite moments with her. In some cheats, you mention her about the impish things you have done with her without her notice. Some cheats must be there that will send the message of your gratitude to her for having her always beside you. Write the messages in a way that she can re-live her 70 years of life again on her 70th birthday.


4) Take a Family Vacation Together

Take a Family Vacation Together

The family vacation is always a very unique idea for celebrating birthdays. A special person deserves a special kind of birthday gifts. And grandma is the most special person in your family. There has been long that your grandma has not breathed fresh air outside the home. This time make it extra special for your grandma. You plan for a family vacation to the place special to her. It can be the place she has been to with your grandpa on her Honeymoon. That can be really special to her.


5) Give her small gifts to her age

Give her small gifts to her age

Gifts are the essentials of any birthday celebration. Your grandma deserves a special gift from all you. It can be something that she needs. A new pair of spectacle or a new walker if she uses it would make her smile wide. If she is fond of music, a new music player or FM radio will turn her fading days a little more cheerful. Do not forget to order birthday cake online for her. You can get a variety of designs for her favourite flavour.

Grandma in your life is no less than an angel. She has done uncountable things to keep you happy and your family together. Above are the best ways to celebrate her 70th birthday to give her a lifetime memory.

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