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What Is The Best Bed Frame In 2019? Notice and Comparative.

Being directly below the mattress, the bed frame plays a role in the quality of bedding and, by extension, sleep.

It is for this reason that we should choose this flexible horizontal support on which the sleeper is suspended. The next lines could help to find the best box spring.

Opinions on the best sommiers

140 x 190 + 4-foot festoon bed base

This box spring production provides firm support with 10 rigid battens 85 mm wide with 12 mm. These supports are quality beech for extended longevity. A polyester polypropylene fabric and two thick longitudinal reinforcements secure the whole.

Otherwise, this model, whose exact size is 138 x 188 cm, already has 4 feet. It is a ready-to-use accessory that should suit all types of mattresses. This box spring is suitable for back pain, but its weak point is that it can creak after a few weeks.

Bed base 56 slats 200X200 + 9 feet

With its 9 feet , this model has the advantage of being robust. Otherwise, the firmness is adjustable. This device can overcome some types of back pain, especially for concentrated tensions in the lumbar region. This item can be independent or fit into an existing bed frame for better aesthetics.

The lifespan of this Paolo Collaner brand product is virtually unlimited, even for heavy sleepers. The assembly can sometimes become tedious, especially for one person, with multiple feet.

TecTake Design double metal bed 2 seater bed frame + slatted frame 140x200cm black

The poplar wood slats make this bed stable and robust metal. The brand Tec Take offers through this article a product with an acceptable price-quality ratio. This double model has very design metal frames of dimensions 140 x 200 cm, but its feet are plastic.

In any case, the editing is done quickly. The height of the bed will reach 60 cm. This is a cheap model that should mostly go to the guest room, but it is not yet strong enough to withstand heavy use.

Slatted bed base with feet – 2x80x200

The brand Atelier de Morphée offers a 5 year warranty for this model 2×80 cm by 200 cm. These slats are varnished natural beech and provide firm support. The spars are pine with a cherry decor . Two solid wood sleepers consolidate the whole.

The thickness of the frame reaches 9 cm for more aesthetics. The 4 feet of this slatted bed base are only 15 cm. This makes the bed too close to the floor.

Orthopedic bed base with slats in beech wood | Apple (SOMMIER LATCHES, 80×200 cm)

With its 14 slats of beech wood, this bed frame provides a lead sleep on a light foam. Called Apple, this article is distinguished by its manufacture. The frames were not cut, but fashioned to have an innovative structure to receive the slats.

This process gives more stability and robustness to this model. The suspension is thus much more flexible, but safe. This is a box spring for a crib. Then, its real strength remains to be verified in the long term.

Sommier CONFOREV LATTES + PLOTS 2X80x200 + 4 feet Height 22cm

This is a box spring 2x80X200 cm. Both sleepers have their respective suspensions. This is a provision that plays a role on sleeping independence. This model is suitable for couples, especially those who have a certain difference in body size. When one of them turns at night, the other could continue to sleep quietly without being embarrassed.

This article, signed Meublepro , comes with its 4 feet. It can be used independently or be embedded in a bed frame. This model requires a mattress thick enough and firm to not seem to float.

Electric bed base 90×190

The slats of this electric base are made of birch wood. They have been divided into four distinct areas. Thus, the mechanism could adjust their respective positions according to the desire of the sleeper. The latter will only have to activate the 6-button remote control to adjust the bedding.

For example, he can raise the part under the pillow to comfortably watch the television or have breakfast on the bed. Conversely, the user has the opportunity to raise the feet at night to regulate the traffic after a grueling day. Since it is made up of many unconnected parts, this model quickly makes noise.

MATELSOM Folding frame foundation 20 battens, 53 mm

MATELSOM brand offers 5 years warranty for this article. This offer is suitable for a single bed of 70 x 190 cm. The slats are aligned in two rows to be foldable. This detail facilitates the transport of this model. It will pass very easily in the small corridors. Otherwise, this item comes with 4 feet on the sides. Another central support helps to consolidate the whole. This is a product for cribs. Without its essential central foot, this bed frame will flap and become uncomfortable, even dangerous for the sleeper.

How to choose among the bed bases available?

The choice could be made more easily if the sleeper lists in advance the qualities he expects from the bed frame. He will then opt for the model that best meets the previously established criteria. Here are some tracks:

The size of the bed

The dimensions of this support must normally adapt to that of the mattress. Otherwise, the bed base measures are usually 2 cm less than those of the bed when separated from this element. This margin allows embedding. Explanation: on a bed whose frames are 140 x 190 cm, the dimensions of the bed base could be 138 x 188 cm.

The comfort of the sleeper

The quality of the suspension is always to check during a purchase. The bed base must be firm enough, but not completely rigid. Otherwise, this criterion is to be considered with the mattress. If the latter has a high density, all types of best bed bases may be suitable. If the foam tends to be soft, it is better to opt for a firm support.

The height of the bedding

For sommiers with feet, the ideal would be to choose the model as high as possible. This avoids making efforts for the joints when sitting on the bed. By cons, models lowered, which are about thirty centimeters from the ground, are increasingly trendy. It should combine good taste and practical sense.

Otherwise, it is also important to choose the bed base according to its structure. Manufacturers offer several technologies that have their respective advantages. Here are some concepts that could serve:

The different slats

These are frames on which several wooden slats have been arranged to support the weight of the sleeper. This structure has the advantage of providing good ventilation. It contributes to hygiene. The slats can be bare or covered with a fabric.

In addition, manufacturers offer two choices: slats with or without suspension. Slats without suspensions are for the most part made of pine. They are attached to the bed base and are not mobile. Therefore, they are not really recommended by the bedding specialists. Slats with suspensions are, unlike previous mobiles and thus provide a better comfort to the mattress.

The box spring

As the name suggests, this product has an extra layer in addition to wood or spring supports. Which gives more comfort for the sleeper? The bedding will indeed be softer. However, ventilation is limited. The mites will be able to take up residence in the moss or the part located between the bed base and the mattress.

Other models are also available. These include bed bases or spring springs. The slats are just replaced by much cheaper solutions. Otherwise, box springs or electrical can also be considered, especially in case of back pain.

What type of box spring to choose with which type of mattress?

The choice of the bed base depends very much on the type of mattress. The latter comes in several types. In particular, synthetic foam mattresses such as polyurethane have the advantage of being affordable. Then there are spring and latex models that offer more firmness. Otherwise, the memory foam mattress remains the most coveted of all, but it remains relatively expensive.

The slatted bed base should be suitable for all types of mattresses. It is particularly suitable for foam or latex padding. For models with shape memory, it would be better to opt for a slatted base active. These wooden elements move according to the position of the sleeper. This would optimize comfort during sleep.

The latex mattresses are said to be immunized against the bacteria and mites. Therefore, they can be used with the box springs to overcome the lack of ventilation. If it takes more a bed base for the back, the best would be to opt for a support in studs. These devices make it possible to distribute the weight evenly. It would be even better with an electric box spring. It is a model whose different parts can move mechanically.

For spring mattresses, especially models where the spirals are individually bagged, it is advisable to choose a totally flat base. This would be useful so that the bed does not give the impression of floating. Thus, the bed bases with boards or with rigid slats will be able to compensate for the flexibility of the mattress with springs.

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