Stair Runners: An Essential Decor

Firstly, stair runners are carpets which are laid over stairs. They are smaller in breadth but longer in length while comparing it with a floor carpet. They are usually good over hardwood or mosaic stairs. Stair runners can also be laid on the exterior stair. Stair runner typically does not completely cover the width of the stair but still, it is better to walk on a soft rug than on a plain stone surface. And also, the most difficult job for people is getting up or down in stairs this is because when we get down or up our weight will be considerably acting on our legs so the aching starts. But when our feet are placed on a stair runner the pain will slightly be absorbed by the runners and reduces the difficulty in getting up or down in stairs.

What Are Stair Runners Made Up Of?

Stair runners are available in many materials. However, the most preferred material is wool, as it withstands for a longer time. Wool is expensive and cannot be afforded by many. In that case, jute stair runners are highly effective. They come in all colours and patterns, which could be custom made according to needs and preferences.

Advantages Of Stair Runner

To answer this question, there are many cons. A stair runner is usually made out of a thicker material therefore it absorbs the noise made while climbing the stairs. It will be extremely useful for houseful which acquaints children.

Secondly, Stairs usually have very sharp and point edges. If you have babies around, there is a very high chance that they might get hurt while playing. When stair runner it installed, it easily encapsulates the sharp edges, conceals the uneven corners making it completely safe for babies to play around. It wouldn’t hurt much even if they fall.

Thirdly, when we do not install stair runners on wooden stairs, it leaves a footprint and spoils the surface of the wood over time. Constant barging can reduce the polish and texture of the wood. Therefore, a stair runner can protect the texture and polish of wood without spoiling it.

Lastly, it adds immense aesthetic values. Stairs look bare and incomplete. An addition of a stair runner can add a refined touch to the otherwise boring stairs. It makes the place look rich and expensive. It fills up space with sophistication and taste.

Cons Of Stair Runners

Before implementing a decor item, it is mandatory for the consumer to fully understand it. This knowledge will allow the consumer to make the right choices and attain the full utility of the product. So, here are a few cons or cautions before buying a stair runner.

Firstly, make sure that the material is not stained, silk, or any other polished material. Climbing in a hurry might cause fatal injuries as these materials are highly slippery.

Secondly, make sure that the Stair runner is cropped exactly to fit the stair. Leaving extra gaps and spaces will make the stair runner loose. This, when a person in a hurry does not notice, might cause him/her to slip away.

Lastly, stair runners might get messy. Therefore cleaning it once a while with a vacuum and sun-drying is highly advisable.

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