Furniture Packing Need Not Be Difficult: Professional Furniture Movers Have Tips For Every Homeowner

Moving is difficult. When you are moving house, and you have finally got around to packing your things, you will find that packing the furniture is the most challenging part. Some of them can be solid, while you can disassemble the others.

Almost none of them have uniform shapes that you can fit inside boxes. To avoid this confusion, most people go ahead and hire full-time packers and movers, who take responsibility for preparing and packing the pieces of furniture. They take charge of the heavy lifting, while you can take care of your smaller belongings.

How to begin preparing for the move?

Special furniture packing services also exist. You can check them online for direct access to their office lines. However, before you call them, try to take a thorough inventory of the pieces of decorative or functional furniture you own. It should not take you longer than a couple of hours to make a complete list of all the items.

Once you have that list, make notes of which pieces you can disassemble and which ones you need to pack intact. You need to set up a priority list that should include the different pieces you can take apart that very day and the ones that you will use till the day of moving.

For example – you might want to pack your coffee table and chairs beforehand, but you will need to keep your bed in place till the last day.

Which pieces of furniture require disassembly?

To make the work of the furniture movers easy and quick, you can measure the hallways and doorways. It can give you an idea of the different pieces you can move out intact and the ones that will not fit through the hallways and elevator.

Sometimes, furniture movers need to remove doors or use special cranes to move heavy pieces like one-piece leather couches, and sofas. Get the estimation and free quotes before your moving day arrives.

Most furniture movers do not take the responsibility of moving antiques and pianos unless they have trained staff and the tools to do so safely. Professional furniture movers follow a set of rules for moving furniture intact –

  1. It should be light enough for manual lifting
  2. It should fit through all the doorways and hallways

iii. It should not be susceptible to damage during moving

Unless a piece of furniture does not fulfill all three rules, the packers are most likely to recommend taking the item apart before packing, boxing, and moving. For example – your bedside table cum cabinet might be a good candidate for intact packing and moving.

However, your dining table might require some disassembly before moving. Packers usually take the legs of traditional dining tables apart before moving the table since the legs are fragile and the top might contain glass.

How to make disassembly and assembly easy?

If you have hired professional movers, they will come with all the necessary equipment necessary for disassembly, packing and moving. If not, you should speak to them regarding the adequate packaging material, tools, and equipment required to complete the move safely.

Most importantly, when handling furniture on your own, you should label the parts of a furniture piece properly. The legs of the dining table should always go with the top. In case there is no space, you should at least label them or use color coding.

You can set up your own number code for each furniture piece and include the room on the label too. However, make sure not to lose the index of the code system.

How to turn items into useful packing material?

Before your packers and movers arrive, you can make yourself useful by packing the cushions, throw pillows, pillows and other plushies in plastic bags. Using clear garbage bags is usually the norm since it gives you a clear view of the contents inside.

Double bag them, if necessary and fasten them properly. These bags are excellent as fillers. You can use them to fill the empty spaces between electronics and furniture pieces. You can put your upholstery, blankets, duvet covers and quilts to similar use.

Also, remember to give professional cleaning and vacuuming a break before moving. You might want to do that after moving into your new home anyway.

How to ensure the safety of your valuable belongings?

If you are going to move antique or vintage pieces of furniture or rare works of art, you might want to speak about them to your movers and packers. They supply moving blankets that can protect furniture, art and other valuable items that are susceptible to damage during moving.

These are very useful in safeguarding all sizes of furniture that might be fragile and valuable. You need to use quality packing tape to secure these protective blankets around the furniture.

If you are not taking help with packing and moving from professionals, but only renting the moving truck, you should first learn all there is to learn about loading the truck. Always begin by loading the heavy furniture on the moving truck first.

Begin by loading the chests, dressers, couches, sofas, and tabletops first. You can also load the heavy household appliances alongside the first lot of furniture. Then load the smaller items include chairs, bedside tables, coffee tables, and stools. Stacking the chairs or seats in the wrong way can damage them permanently.

Unless you have the experience or guidance necessary for packing and loading, it might be difficult for you to ensure the safety of the pieces.

Most homeowners go with professional packing and moving services to alleviate the chances of damage to their belongings. When the moving services take charge of packing, they usually take liability for any damage to the furniture and other belongings sustain during the travel.

Depending on the value of your belongings, it might benefit you to hire professional movers in the long run. Besides, they make moving easy by taking responsibility for the labor-intensive packaging and hauling.

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