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7 Preventive Measures for Your Plumbing System

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when water pipes break, toilets get clogged, faucets leak and/or your water heater doesn’t work? What’s the first course of action after that? Everyone wants to avoid these problems but it’s not entirely possible. The first step is taking all the preventive measures there are. 

The point is to avoid all these problems rather than thinking about the course of action. Of course, you will call a plumbing repair service if something suddenly occurs. But it’s behind the scenes that we need to focus on. So let’s go through what all steps you can take as a homeowner. If you want to avoid paying for Chandler plumbing and heating services, these steps will save you big time.

Look for leaking faucets and showers

Any leak, even the most minor ones can waste a lot of water. Not only will it damage your property but also pose a danger for the future availability of water. The leak will never fix on its own and might get bigger with time. It will only add to your water bill for the month. Check if any of the faucets are leaking and make proper arrangements accordingly. When the handle is turned off, it must not pour out even a drop. You must do this regularly so that the damage is repairable. 

Look for slow drains

When you notice that the water is draining slower than usual, there’s a problem. Never overlook something as serious as slow or clogged drains. In fact, you should take care of it before it gets out of hand. If you want to do it yourself, use a vinegar solution with hot water and flush it down forcefully to unclog debris. This practice must be done once every few months to keep the flow intact. 

Check exposed pipes for water leak

Exposed pipes are prone to leaks as they have to bear the wear and tear directly. Go through the terms and conditions provided by the manufacturer of any appliance left exposed for a few days. Detect visible signs for leakage or any other unusual activity. To prevent any damage, you can install a drip tray underneath the washing machine and water heater. 

Fix leaking toilets

There are a lot of instances when the toilet runs even when it is not being flushed. It’s the most overlooked issue as well. The culprit here is a faulty seal that further accumulates the debris. It stops the seal from working correctly and water runs seamlessly. Another issue can be with the tank stopper. If you detect these issues early on, you won’t have to spend much on repairs. Otherwise, repairs from top plumbing companies near you will be expensive. 

Always be careful what you flush down the drain

The main reason for clogged drains occurs when you flush something which was not meant to be flushed. Always be careful with what you flush. Do not flush anything other than human waste and toilet paper. It’s the easiest way to prevent any issues with drain pipes. Also, avoid draining anything that can react with something down there. 

Keep the water pressure moderate

Water pressure means exertion of force on the walls of the pipe. It decides how fast the water comes out of your faucets and showerheads. Keep the Water pressure tank at a safe level so that it doesn’t put too much pressure for the pipes to burst out. Verify the appropriate water pressure with your plumber in Chandler AZ

Look for the accumulation of sediments

Many appliances and fixtures are prone to accumulation of sediment inside. For example, water heaters, showerheads, drain pipes, etc. Try to clean and remove every piece of debris from each of them. Especially when you face the problem of low water pressure, it’s the most common reason behind it. 

We always recommend preventive measures. Irrespective of how often you face these problems, preventive maintenance for plumbing avoids some significant issues. Some repairs can be done by yourself but most of them require the expertise of an experienced plumber repair service

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