Grass and weed killers

Grass and Weed Killer

Grass and weed killers can be created to destroy everything with which they come in contact with or they may focus on only a particular variety of plant. The treatments are available in two fundamental types such as pre-emergence and the post-emergence. Pre-emergence items are useful for preventing the seed germination and the post-emergence items are designed to target the weeds and grass after they germinate from the seeds. Pre-emergence items can be applied without any difficulties; however its application should be performed prior to the onset of weeds. These products are not suitable for gardens where all the varieties of seeds are planted. Pre-emergence products are most suitable for gardens where only the full grown plants are planted.

To choose the perfect grass and weed killer for a garden, it is necessary to analyze the specific problems of the garden. Broadleaf killers are made specifically for focusing the plants having wide leaves. They are effective in eliminating the grasses however; they are more useful for getting rid of few vines and other dangerous weeds. Broadleaf killers are poisonous in nature and may destroy the plants with broadleaf including majority of the shrubs and flowers. It is highly recommended to use a brush to apply them on weeds. They provide excellent results when used for removing the weeds in lawn.

Systemic weed and grass killers are taken inside the plant through absorption process by the leaves and will be spread through the entire plant parts. They are able to attack even the root parts of the plant and destroy them. These systemic weed and grass killers work more effectively while the grass and weeds are growing very actively and not suitable for utilization particularly in the drought situations. If they are applied in the gardens during the rainy seasons, then the product gets diluted and does not give effective outcomes. These killers usually take a long time to start giving effective outcomes.

Majority of the seeds do not start to sprout during the early spring season. Hence, application of pre-emergence products during the early spring season provides effective results.

Grass and weed killers can be produced by natural methods also. Natural organic items are sold in majority of the markets and can be used for small amount of applications. Natural products are most suitable for weeds and grasses which are not very dangerous. Lemon juice and white vinegars are very useful for reducing the cracks in the areas that require spot weeding.

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