silestone quartz worktops

Buyer’s Guide for Choosing Silestone Quartz worktops for Your Kitchen

If you’re planning to purchase Silestone quartz worktops but not clear about its details, you are on the right page. We have compiled an appropriate buyer’s guide to help you understand various things about quartz – from its colours, brands, and sizes to aesthetics.

After going through this buying guide, you can confidently purchase Silestone kitchen worktops.

1. Brands:

There are many famous companies or brands offering high-quality Silestone for your kitchen countertops. Some popular brands are KML Worktops, Zodiac, Cambria, etc. These companies have been in the business for a long time now and are known to offer the quality products to their customers.

Silestone is considered the leader in the quartz worktops market and has more distributors. But choosing the right manufacturer is important to get the quality material that is designed in a more efficient manner, has more colours options to choose from and also available in an array of textures and patterns.

Silestone quartz worktops

Deciding which company or product to buy will depend on your colour choices and which supplier is offering your preferred material and qualities.

2.Silestone Worktops Colours

Silestone kitchen countertops are available in more than 60 colour options in the market. This colour range varies from a variety of whites to tans, blues to black and browns to greens. Silestone with amazing “leather” texture is also available in the market. Here are some common Silestone colour options:

  • Silestone in bamboo colours
  • Silestone in ebony colours
  • Silestone in coffee colour
  • Silestone in orange colour
  • Silestone in absolute green colours and tones

3. Pattern

While some companies offer Silestone in uniform patterns, many other offers this worktop stone in different patterns. Compared to granite, Silestone has limited patterns. That’s why installing it seems boring to many people!

But Silestone comes in a few bright and solid colours, such as green, red and blue, which are not found in granite. So, combining two Silestone colours – either contrasting colours or colours from the same family – could add lively aesthetic appeal to any kitchen.

4. Care and Maintenance

You must know that Silestone countertops are highly resistant to stains, heat, chemicals and scratching. However, intense heat may damage these countertops. Moreover, chemicals like bleach or foods like vinegar, lemon juice, wine, coffee, soda, etc may leave stains even on this engineered countertop material.  

But with a little care, you can prevent any damage to these gorgeous countertops. You have to always use chopping boards when preparing food and keep hot pans and pots on a padded sheet, instead of directly putting them on the kitchen slab.

In addition, regular cleaning with warm water and sponge will keep the surface of Silestone worktop shining and lustrous for years to come. But you must note that these countertops don’t require as much cleaning and maintenance as granite or marble worktops. Therefore, Silestone is considered the best for busy kitchens.

5. Benefits of Choosing Silestone

The major benefit of choosing Silestone quartz worktop is that it is highly durable and affordable. It is also non-porous and chemical resistant and thus, easy to maintain without the need for polishing or annual sealing.


Silestone worktops are engineered or man-made and also known as quartz countertops. These are designed to resemble granite or marble countertops to some extent. They are also available in a wide variety of colours and textures to match your home decor. So,you need to be careful when selecting the best quartz worktop for your kitchen.

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