Are you looking out for a hassle free laundry service?

Sometimes it’s really painful to decide which laundry service is best for us. Few people may get misguided by numerous reasons caused by the questions raised in their minds. How about deciding on your own by following few tips regarding laundry service in Bangalore?

Nowadays there are a number of options opened in front of us to choose the right laundry service provider in any city. The simplest way is to go online and search for it. Even there are multiple service platforms that have a number of service providers enlisted to help you.

Few things to consider before the process of finding the best laundry service in Bangalore

Turnaround time

If you’re looking for wash and fold laundry service for your normal everyday clothes, chances are you’ll want it back pretty quickly. It’s not like dry cleaning your sarees or dresses for some of the special occasions that you attend in a year. Before choosing a laundry service, be sure that you’re getting a turnaround time that will work as per your schedule and clothing rotation. So, if you are running short of daily wear, it’s probably best to not to choose a service that will have your clothes done a week later.

Damage or loss policy

Always try to find a laundry service provider that offers a damaged or lost item policy, as because even a small t-shirt or underwear is important for few of us. The loss of which is not acceptable. Also it provides peace of mind after sending clothes for laundry service.Most of the laundry service providers try to reimburse your money for damages like colour fadeor fabric damage etc. They even take extra care for white fabrics while washing.


 Prices can vary among the laundry service providers in Bangalore, so make sure you know what the price is at each location that you’re researching for. Some dry cleaners offer different price charts for services like wash and fold or wash and iron. The detailed price list is given in their websites.Choose a laundry with a good reputation that is very close to the average price point for your area.

Pick-up and delivery option

Some laundry service in Bangalore offers free pickup and delivery with all orders so that you can easily spend your time doing what you want. Also, check if they are on a particular pickup and dropoff schedule. It’s best to find an on-demand delivery service which adds to your flexibility.

Steps for Drop off facility:

  • Drop your garment at the nearest store
  • Processing of the required service
  • Customer receives an intimation on completion
  • Pay the bill amount and collect the clothes from the store
  • Steps for Drop to door facility:
  • Schedule a pickup
  • Field agent picks up from home
  • Customer receives an intimation on completion
  • Pay online or COD 

Now that you got some idea of choosing, think and go for the best laundry service in Bangalore who will provide skilled servicemen, new techniques with best machines, environmentally safe detergents and 100% satisfaction.

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