5 Unique Tile Ideas for your Home

5 Unique Tiles Ideas for Your Home

The impact that your house has to yourself, your family and your friends are different. Sometimes decorations can be such a wonder to your eyes will being a nuisance to other people. With that in mind there are a number of design choices that are nothing less than amazing because of its stunning aesthetics. One of the best areas of elegant aesthetics are found in different tiles for sale around the Philippines. Some tiles are unique in them being extremely plain, while others are downright creative and phenomenal works of art!

Have a look at some of the most unique tile ideas that you can easily apply to your home!

Hexagon Tiles

For a start, hexagon tiles aren’t that rare anymore, but the potential it has for aesthetic applications goes above and beyond your normal square and rectangle tiles. Simply playing with the borders and gout lines can net a surreal feel to your design. And then there’s the option of laying hexagon tiles of the same colors but different shades to make your design have a certain layer of depth to it!

Custom Cut Tiles

There’s nothing as unique as having your tiles cut in a specific way. Whether you go traditional colors such as circles, concaves and triangles for a number of cool pattern choices, or you can go full abstract and just mix and match different tile shapes to form a chaotic, yet oddly beautiful design; you’ll have a wide array of possibilities to explore!

Faux Concrete Tiles

You can stick with raw concrete as your flooring, but it won’t give you the edgy look that you’re probably looking for. Faux concrete is perfect for setting up a rather rugged and comfortable design in the comfort of your home! You can choose to put it down with a herringbone, or diamond pattern, but in all honesty, the simpler the faux concrete tiles are, the stronger its aesthetic impact is!

Metallic Tiles

These tiles are some of the harder ones to integrate into a design on its own, but when you plan on using it from the very start, there’s a high probability that you’ll get an amazing design feature in your house! Metallic tiles are unique in the sense that it can only work for very specific designs. But when it does, it’s such a sight to see!

A Mix Match of Tiles

This tile idea is literally a collaboration of hexagon tiles and normal shapes tiles. In essence, it’s just a mashup of tiles in order to create amazing patterns and designs from scratch. This is made by using different patterns and laying them side by side or in a creative way in order to achieve a level of fusion or contrast. It’s not an easy feat to achieve, but those who can will reap amazing rewards!

Key Takeaway

Every tile has its own uniqueness, but some of them are just a notch above the rest. But that doesn’t mean the simplest tiles are left in the dust. With patterns and creative freedom in cutting tiles, you can achieve as much of a unique tile design by using the simplest and of course the most unique tiles for sale!

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