3 Major Differences between Traditional & Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Are you looking for the perfect kitchen cabinet? Then, you need to make sure that first, you choose the right kitchen style for your home. There are different kinds of styles that work for the kitchen and these are put into two broad categories- the traditional and the modern. You must decide on the design of your cabinetry depending on the kind of kitchen you have designed. This is essential because you need to have a certain kind of seamlessness in the kitchen so the cabinetry, the kitchen countertop, the sink, the wall paint, or the doors and windows should complement each other. There are several wholesale cabinet manufacturers who can provide you with both stylish and functional cabinets along with kitchen design ideas. So, they will be the best to help you out in this situation.

But before you resort to a company for the wholesale kitchen cabinets or seek advice from them regarding the design of your kitchen, you should have a little idea about the traditional and modern cabinetry ideas for the kitchen. This will help you get an understanding of the sort of look you want for the cabinets and how far it will suit the type of kitchen interior you have. So, let’s get started.

Defining the Styles

First, let us begin with discussing what is a traditional and a modern style cabinet design. A traditional kitchen cabinet explores the designs of the bygone era and adds organic and flowing feels into it. So, for the traditional cabinets, you will notice that there is a rich and warm wooden tone like the cherry or vintage white and also incorporates curves, slopes, and easy edges in their design. The textures are natural and simple in addition to the brass knobs and handles. Sometimes, it may also have a traditional design carved into the design.

On the other hand, the modern cabinets are more practical, functional, and sleek. These focus on user-friendliness and have an economical design so that the cabinets make the kitchen look more compact. The kind of materials used for modern cabinetry varies between several materials, right from wood to even metal. Sometimes, there is a considerable measure of glass too. Modern cabinets suit highly contemporary kitchens, equipped with advanced technology.

Frame v/s Frameless

Another major difference in the traditional style and modern cabinetry is the frame. While the traditional cabinets are known for a framed design, the modern cabinets do not have a frame. A frame can provide much sturdiness and stability to the cabinetry. This is one way you can identify the traditional kitchen cabinets. So, if you have a conventionally designed kitchen, you should opt for this kind of cabinetry. The modern cabinetry, on the other hand, has a frameless cabinet construction which is a full access style as there is no face frame to display between the doors. And if there are no overlapping frames, the final outcome of the cabinets is quite modern and uniform.

Door Type

Another crucial point of concern is the construction style of the door types. Yes, even the cabinet door can say a lot about the traditionally handcrafted and the modern sharp aesthetics in your kitchen. You will note that the traditional door styles have more ornamental and detailed designing on the door. As the doors are laid on the top of the cabinet box, the door will definitely be more textured owing to the raised design on the door panel. On the contrary, the modern style of the kitchen doors will feature a stylish, sleeker, and a flat panel door cabinet for the majority of them. But there are also options for the edginess. You can add recessed panel options for this kind of a transitional style.

Now decide if you want a more conventional antique white cabinetry or are going to need the smarter modern-day RTA kitchen cabinets.

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