What are the questions must be appear in your Mind about Hair Transplant?

What are the questions must be appear in your Mind about Hair Transplant?

Today, scientific studies are operating in individual countries in the world about hair grafting and transplantation, and new technologies are being sought to stop hair loss and modernize hair transplantation techniques. However, all these processes result in a certain cost and require time to make progress. As a result of long-term studies, FUE hair transplantation technique, which enables the hair follicles to be transplanted without losing their vitality characteristics, can only be applied by the Kyra Clinic in our country. Moreover, this method can also be used with FUE hair transplantation.

Can I get natural hair?

Yes, today, thousands of hair grafts can be taken with the FUE technique and natural, unintelligible hair transplants can be performed. The most decisive factors in this regard are the experience of the surgeon and the hair density of the patient at the donor site.

What should be considered before surgery?

One week before surgery, we need to avoid plant support products that can increase bleeding by cross-reacting with aspirin, ginseng, fish oil, garlic pill, ginger, saw palmetto, vitamin E and other drugs. We shouldn’t drink alcohol the night before surgery. On the morning of October, we should wash our hair and go to the clinic with a good breakfast.

Is hair transplantation a painful procedure and how is the pain reduced?

Nowadays, pain and pain are not felt during hair transplantation. It is surprising for most patients that they feel much less pain than they think. Psychological factors, as well as physiological pain in hair transplantation, can increase pain and make the person uneasy. Psychologically it is very important to prepare the patients for the operation. In addition to detailed information, patients can be relieved with medication given before the operation. In order to minimize pain during the procedure, at least the entry should be made; the thinnest needles should be used. Anesthetic agents should be at body temperature when injected into the skin. Sowing and purchase will be made in the skin by using integrated technology that can work in large areas without bleeding. After the anesthetic has taken effect within 5-10 minutes, the patient feels no pain and watches television, plays with their smartphone or sleeps during the operation!

If necessary, nerve blocks can be applied to provide anesthesia for 8-12 hours. A strong analgesic material given at the end of the operation prevents pain after the operation.

What is the planned intensity of hair transplantation?

If we assume 100% natural density of hair in the region to be transplanted, the human eye cannot detect the difference between 50% and 100% hair density. Therefore, the desired frequency should be at least 50% of the natural hair density. In the first session, hair transplant cost in ludhiana will be performed with a frequency between 35% and 45% according to the hair thickness of the person, the frequency of the donor area, hair color, age and sex of the person, and even hair/skin color difference. A second planting may then be required, with a ratio of 50% to 60%.

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