Avoid Pregnancy

Some Tips to Avoid Pregnancy

As the population of our nation, it is necessary to control the birth rate. Various methods help us to prevent pregnancy. But before we start sharing tips to avoid pregnancy, one should understand why pregnancy occurs. During the vaginal sex, male partner ejaculate millions of sperm in the female vagina.

After the ejaculation, the sperm move towards the fallopian tube where it meets the eggs and the sperm cell penetrates the egg cell and fertilize it. After fertilization, the fertilized cell get implant in the uterus and leads to the pregnancy. There are several ways by using that pregnancy can be avoided. Here in this, we are sharing some of the best and trusted way for the same;

  1. Barrier Methods

There are various barrier methods which prevent sperm from reaching egg; some of them are listed given below:

  • Condoms

It is widely used barrier methods for avoiding pregnancy among sexually active females. There is a various company which manufacturers thus choose the best condom brands in India. It is available for both males and females without a doctor’s prescription. These barrier methods are widely used among all methods used to avoid pregnancy.

  • Cervical Cap

It is a soft silicone cup that is placed deep inside the vagina. The cervical cup covers the cervix from reaching an egg.

  1. Hormonal Methods

The hormonal methods used to avoid pregnancy prevent ovulation. The process by which ovary release the egg cell is called ovulation. Here we have listed few hormonal techniques to prevent pregnancy:

  • Contraceptive Pill

Birth control pills are mostly used methods in the U.S. There are various brands of the contraceptive pill. According to the National Health Service (NHS), in the UK, these pills are 99% effective for birth control in taking as prescribed.

  • Vaginal Ring

According to the National Health Service, the Vaginal ring in 99% effective when used correctly, but due to human error, it is effectively lesser than 95%.  The vaginal ring is a small plastic ring that is placed in the vagina for three weeks. It secretes some hormones which prevent pregnancy. But this ring must be removed for seven days to allow menstrual periods before inserting a new ring. Different types of vaginal shapes makes the selection of the vaginal ring crucial.

  1. Intrauterine Device and Implant

IUDs and implants are one of the long term pregnancy controlling methods, which is 99% effective when used correctly.

  • IUDs

It is a device which is inserted into the Uterus IUDs are of two types:-

  1. Hormonal

Once added, an IUDs last for five at-least years. It doesn’t prevent the ovulation process but weakens the cervical muscle to prevent sperm entering the uterus.

  1. Copper-based

It is hormone-free IUDs that are covered in copper wire. It destroys the sperm trying to reach the uterus. Once copper-based, IUDs can prevent pregnancy for approximately ten years.

  • Implant

It is another form of hormonal birth control methods. In this, a matchbox-sized box is inserted by a medical professional into the person’s arm to protect her against pregnancy. Implant release progesterone which prevents ovulation. According to several research, this method is 99% effective in birth control.

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