Regain that perfect chest with the Help of Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia or man boob reduction is a surgery performed to remove excess fat near your chest and give you the flat chest you always wish to have.

Man boobs or breast fat in men is a condition that is a source of much embarrassment among men. You have a hard time looking good in your clothes; the hanging fat around your chest is ridiculed by your partner and friends. Your family worries about you and you feel ashamed lifting your shirt and undress in front of total strangers and comfortably perform activities you love like swimming or aerobics.

This condition usually occurs during puberty when along with the growth of hormones in your body your chest fat also accumulates. Usually, it goes away with time but the problem arises when it ends up sitting stubbornly and refuses to go.

This can also happen due to hormonal imbalances during later stages of life due to obesity, drug and alcohol abuse or due to side effects of certain medications and diseases.

However, you don’t have to worry about it now and don’t have to live with this condition for your whole life.

The latest advancements in fat removal surgery have made the procedure minimally invasive, painless, and with the least side effects.

You can stay awake during the procedure and it does not leave any visible scarring post-operation. People you know will not even come to know that you have undergone surgery. The results nowadays are usually permanent because our doctors remove the glands too along with the fat thus you don’t have to worry about facing the same condition after a period of time.

There are many methods to remove the subcutaneous fat lying on your chest.

There is Ultrasonic or Vaser Liposuction which burns the fat through heat and liquefies it. This liquid is then gently extracted by a low pressure vacuum. By using this method there is no harm done to nerves, tissues, and blood vessels and is completely safe. After the procedure, you can be assured that the fact will not come in the same areas of your body even after a period of time.

There is also a water jet liposuction technique that scatters fat cells by a stream of water jet and thus dislodging them from the problem area and later on sucked out by an incision. This method is considered more gentle and safe than other methods of liposuction.

There is also a power-assisted liposuction technique at our hospital which will dislodge the fat cells more effectively using vibration.

You can be assured that by using our techniques you can achieve better sculpting on the areas where there is a lot of tough fat with minimal post-operative discomfort and no injury to nerves, blood vessels and underlying muscles. We also do a 3d sculpting and 3d liposuction which will even remove the last bit of excess fat and reveal your muscles and their curvature of your chest with high definition. Therefore it’s best to consult our team of doctors for Gynecomastia Surgery Price based on your requirements and condition.

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