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Liposuction Post-Operative Care Huntingdon

In contemporary times, one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries is Liposuction. It is believed that liposuction eliminates unwanted fat, firms the skin, and tightens the muscles that create lasting satisfaction. However, to reap the best results, liposuction patients need sufficient recovery time and that is exactly what they get at immediate post-operative care Huntingdon Tennessee.

The most common problems related to recovery from liposuction include swelling, bruising, tenderness, and pain. These problems are very normal and are caused by an anesthetic solution that sticks under the skin after the procedure and by a lesion in the subcutaneous capillaries during liposuction.

At pre and post-operative care Huntingdon, different methods are used to facilitate fast healing and recovery after liposuction, depending on the technique used during the procedure. For example, with the oldest and most traditional method, one of the main concerns is to stop as much postoperative bleeding and associated swelling as possible.

A high compression garment is recommended in this case, as it causes the damaged blood vessels to constrict and stop the flow of blood out of that area. These garments may be necessary for up to six weeks with the traditional liposuction method.

The tumescent technique is now as common or more common than the older traditional method and post-operative Care Huntingdon does not require the use of high compression garments during the recovery process. This is because this advanced cosmetic surgery does not cause a large loss of blood during or after surgery, with little or no blood trapped under the skin.

It is not mandatory to close the incisions after operation sutures; it will prevent the accumulation of puss and contaminated blood and prevent swelling. Instead, to soak the fluids discharged from the incision absorption pads are used at post-operative therapy Tennessee. The surgeon may recommend a high compression garment, but it will not be necessary following the use of bandages with high compression.

Immediately after surgery, many doctors will insert small drainage tubes into the skin in the affected liposuction area. This allows blood-stained fluids to exit the body and reduce postoperative swelling quickly.

However, not all plastic surgeons will do this, especially those who are not well trained in the open drainage method because they are not familiar with the best way to place the absorbent pads to trap all the dirty fluids. However, these drainage tubes may be one of the best ways to relieve postoperative inflammation and shorten the recovery period.

No matter what type of liposuction technique you have performed, you should get enough rest during the day or two after plastic surgery. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids to hydrate your body and take prescription painkillers when you need them. It is recommended to take only showers and no baths during the first two weeks after surgery to prevent the risk of infection at the sites of the wound.

You should watch the scars of the incision for the next six months to detect signs of infection. The swelling will usually have disappeared entirely after six months, and you will finally be able to see the final product of your liposuction procedure.

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