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Know Your Facts: Most Common Misconceptions About HIV

HIV AIDS has been terrorizing people all over the globe over the past three decades. Through time, scientists have made progress in hopes to understand this disease. Today, we have unraveled its nature, the cause, and effects that it does to do the body. We have innovated and tried to produce technology that will help people. Though, the concept of finding a cure from this disease might be far off, the important thing is we are on our way in finding the antidote that will save millions of lives on the planet.

But besides the effects of HIV on the body, people diagnosed with the disease needs to overcome the dirty looks people give away when they get to know the real situation. These people also need to overcome the negativities they receive, and this also affects their mental well-being. This is usually caused by the stereotyping and the misconception that people believe about this disease. Even with the knowledge that we now have about the disease and even with the awareness that campaign groups have been working hard for, we still choose to criticize and mock those who are in need. So let’s talk about the most common misconception about HIV AIDS.


I CAN GET HIV BY KISSING SOMEONE WHO IS HIV POSITIVE. Researchers have already tested the risk of catching HIV through the saliva. Minimal to none at all is the amount of virus that was seen in the saliva. Most of them are inactive. The amount of saliva needed to contaminate oneself with HIV is at least one liter, and that amount is very unattainable even with an hour of deep and wet kissing.

I CAN GET HIV BY GOING NEAR TO SOMEONE WHO IS HIV POSITIVE. HIV positive people are not zombies who will purposely bite you to spread the disease. These people are sane enough to have a decent job and practice virtue ethics.

I CAN GET HIV BY INHALING THE SAME AIR OF THOSE WHO ARE HIV POSITIVE. HIV is not an airborne disease. It can be transmitted through direct contact like sharing IV needles and unprotected sex.

MOSQUITOES SPREAD HIV AROUND THE GLOBE. Researchers have already conducted tests to prove that this belief is wrong. Mosquitoes don’t spread this virus because they do not inject the blood to their new victims and the virus don’t live long inside them.

I CAN GET HIV IF I SHARE THE SAME FOOD WITH THOSE WHO HAVE HIV. Again, this belief can be connected to the one before involving saliva. Other people always think that those who are HIV positive have the magic of King Midas, but in this case turning anything to HIV.

I CAN’T GET HIV THROUGH ORAL SEX. This belief has been argued by researchers whether giving or receiving oral sex from those who have HIV can transmit the disease. It was revealed in a study that 0 to 4 cases of oral sex were recorded in 10, 000 cases. Though, oral sex is the least type of sex to be risky, it is still advised to use rubber contraception when being intimate.

I AM IMMUNE TO HIV BECAUSE I TESTED NEGATIVE. HIV develops a long time in the body and usually don’t have a fix list of symptoms. Getting a negative result in an HIV infection test shouldn’t make you complacent, especially when you are sexually active. It is widely advised that a person who is at high risk for HIV infection should get tested every three to six months.

I AM UNDER MEDICATION, SO I AM NOT SPREADING VIRUS. Be wise to remember that HIV doesn’t have a cure yet. But some medications help control the infection from spreading. One of the most used medicine is Ziagen (Ziagen Coupon) this regulates the amount of HIV by decreasing the amount in the body, and it also lowers the chance of getting other HIV complications. This medication only helps the one taking it. It doesn’t mean that it will magically stop the spread of the virus to other humans.


It is enough and even unfair in the first place that these people need to suffer from the complications and wrath of the disease. Let us spare them from any more pain caused by bullying or the prejudices or the unjust treatment that other people are inflicting them. Being informed and aware about this disease is one way of helping them get through their health problems in life.

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