Know About Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India and Total Cost

Total Hip Replacement Surgery is a medical procedure performed to remove the damaged cartilage or the bony structure of the hip joint and to replace it with artificial materials called prosthesis. The normal hip joint is comprised of a socket joint, and a ball, where the socket is the cup-shaped component of pelvis called acetabulum and ball is the head of your thighbone called femur. The total hip replacement surgery involves the removal of the damaged socket and ball surgically while replacing them with ceramic or metal ball and stem, which are inserted into the femur bone and artificial cup socket. 

Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India is performed in adults of any age group, especially the elderly groups aged between 60 and 80. This surgical procedure is the best remedy for those who have suffered from a hip issue due to osteoarthritis or injury. Since the cost of Total Hip Replacement in India is relatively lower, many foreign patients come to India to seek the surgical procedure at best facilities and hospitals. 

In-Depth Overview of Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India!

Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India is the common orthopedic procedure with over 90% of the success rate. The procedure involves making an incision along the side of the hip through the layer of muscles and tissues. Surgeons remove the damaged cartilage and the bony structures and replace it with the prosthetic socket. The prosthetic socket is inserted into a pelvic bone to replace the destroyed socket. The round top of the femur is then replaced with the prosthetic ball which is fixed to stem, and it fits perfectly into your femur or thighbone. After inserting the prosthetics successfully, it is fixed using bony cement referred to as methylmethacrylate. The cement-less prosthesis is also used today that comes with microscopic pores, and this promotes natural bony growth from femur into prosthesis stem.     

The Total Hip Replacement in India is evolving, and minimally invasive techniques are used which reduces recovery time and promotes faster recovery. There are two different types of surgical procedures – the extent of joint replaced and the method of fixation.                  

Total Cost of Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India

India is the destination that is known to offer the most comprehensive Total Hip Replacement Surgery for a lively lifestyle. Moreover, the Total Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in India is also relatively lower compared to other nations. The cost of the surgery usually ranges from $5500 to $8000, depending upon the type of surgery and the prosthesis used in the surgery.

The total cost of Total Hip Replacement Surgery is also determined based on other factors which include the hospital location, brand value, doctor’s experience, technology used, prosthesis used and the type of surgery performed and hospital stays.

Final Words!

India has emerged to be the most preferred destination for foreign patients who are seeking Total Hip Replacement Surgery. The Total Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in India is low, and the post-surgery care and facilities are of world-class which attract foreign patients to visit India to get best Total Hip Replacement surgery every year.          

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