How Does Sleep Affect Your Work Performance or Productivity?

According to the Science, an average adult needs to sleep 7-8 hour each night according to the report published in 2015 a healthy and adult in U.S sleep for 8 hours and 50 minutes. Eye-shutting is a healthy body’s function like digestion and removal of waste. Hence it is recommended to take the recommended amount of sleep each night.

Can you imagine what happens you ignore the recommended amount of sleep? Several studies exhibited that not getting proper sleep can affect your life adversely because it changes both your mind and body.

Affect Of Lost Sleep On Your Brain

If you don’t complete the recommended hours of sleep than you may face these problems.

Affect Concentration

If you sleep less than the recommended time of sleep each day or regularly then your mind drift or find difficult hard to focus.

Effect Reaction Time

It also affects reaction time which can be one of the most significant problems in some jobs because it makes communication riskier. Low reaction time means not only you take longer to notice but also takes longer to stop.


If you don’t take proper sleep regularly, then it may cause trouble holding multiple things, like three or four number, in your head at once.

Effect Of Sleep On Your Work

You must have experience that the insufficient amount of sleep or poor sleep can impact your work performance or productivity. Here are some reason for it

  • Due to the lack of sleep, you have less energy, and your body reacts slower.
  • You will feel less creative & focused, and you’ll also feel difficult in making a decision and solving problems.

Why Sleep Effect Your Work Performance?

Your sleep is dedicated to the circadian rhythms which follow the day and night cycle. As a result, your body releases melatonin in the evening which induces sleep in you. But in the morning the melatonin level goes down which awake the body. But when you don’t follow the sleep cycle your body experience low production of melatonin which doesn’t allow to sleep on the time. As a result, you experience difficulty in work performance. Hence ignoring your internal body clock can be a serious issue which may ruin your daily work performance.

Benefits Of Proper Sleep

Get proper sleep helps you in various ways some of these are:

  • Faster reaction time
  • Improved memory
  • Smooth creativity flow
  • Easier problem solving
  • Better judgment & decision-making skills

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