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Do you Know About Wrist Fractures

A broken wrist is one of the common injuries. In fact, wrist fractures are the most common extremity fracture, accounting for more than 10 percent of all arm or leg fractures. About one-third of all fractures of forearm occur on the end of the radius bone- this portion of the bone is called the distal radius. One of the most common kinds of distal radius fractures is known as a Colles fracture.

Colles Fracture Meaning

The Colles fracture is a sort of distal radius fracture. The reason it’s known as Colles fracture is the orthopedic surgeon who first defined this injury pattern in the early 1800s. Dr. Abraham Colles was an Irish surgeon who defined this injury and his name is still used by several clinicians describing this pattern of injury.

When a patient withstands a Colles’ fracture, their wrist joint is pushed back behind the forearm bone (the radius). A Colles’ fracture mostly happens after falling on to an outstretched hand. A real Colles fracture is called an extra-articular fracture, that means the break doesn’t enter the cartilage portion of the wrist joint. Instead, the break is just above the joint level.

While the original explanations of a Colles fracture was a dorsally displaced, extra-articular distal radius fracture, usually the name of a Colles fracture is insecurely applied to just about any wrist fracture. You can have been told you have a Colles fracture when truly you have a little different fracture pattern than what Colles described two hundred years ago. The good news is, whether you have a real Colles fracture or any other kind of wrist fracture, the overall treatment principles are same.

Not each Distal Radius Fracture Is Colles

There are usually patients and physicians alike pertaining to any distal radius fracture as a Colles fracture. This isn’t a correct statement, as there are numerous variations to distal radius fractures (exact location, the direction of displacement) and a Colles fracture is just one of those.

A real Colles fracture is really a relatively unusual injury. Much more frequent are fractures that are a consequence of poor bone density, and in these circumstances, the fracture frequently extends into the wrist joint cartilage, a problem known as an intra-articular fracture. While this fracture location is near to a real factual Colles fracture, it is obviously not the injury that Colles defined. Thus, it is possible that the injury can be to some extent different although they say that it is a Colles fracture.

Treatment Options

Determining the appropriate treatment of a Colles fracture relies upon various factors.  Precisely, your orthopedic surgeon will look for the alignment of fracture and fracture stability.  Bones that are not correctly aligned or unstable are more expected to need surgical stabilization.

Usually, a Colles fracture may be reset without doing surgery, this is a process known as a fracture reduction. During this procedure, either a general or local anesthesia is directed to the patient, and a clinician will re-position the bones and then apply a splint to hold the bones in an accurate position.

Depending on the level of displacement of the forearm bone (radius) and the abnormality of the wrist angulation, a Colles’ fracture can require surgery for treatment. When the injury is more substantial it will most likely need surgical treatment. During a surgical procedure, your orthopedic surgeon can use pins, orthopedic plates and/or screws to secure the bones in a better position. While surgery doesn’t make the fracture heal rapidly, it does hold the bones in correct position while they heal. Moreover, as the bones are held securely with the metal orthopaedic implants, usually patients do not need cast immobilization.

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