Common Elbow Injuries, Causes and Compensation Claim

Elbow injuries can be significantly disabling as the elbow is largest and most regularly used joint in the human body. In short, when your elbow is damaged, your entire routine gets disturbed. If you are involved in an accident caused elbow injury due to someone else’s fault you can claim compensation.

Common Elbow Injuries

  • Strains & sprains- damage to the muscle, ligament, and tendons as a result of overextending the joint
  • Bone fractures- A crack in one of the bones in the elbow, usually caused by serious impact and trauma
  • Dislocation- bone slip out of alignment, usually happen when ligaments are stretched
  • Bursitis- Irritation, inflammation or infection I the elbow causing pain, swelling, and redness
  • Overuse injuries- Injury occurs to muscle, tendons, soft tissues due to the prolonged stress and overuse of joint
  • Tendonitis- Irritation due to the overuse or overloading

Common Causes of Elbow Injuries

Common elbow injuries can happen due to the various causes include trauma, impact, stress, and falls.

  • Road Accident- In a road accident, the severity of elbow injury is high. In a road accident, you may face dislocation, strains, sprains, and bone fracture.
  • Slip and trip- As you know, when you fall due to slipping or trip, your elbow directly impact with the ground or in a locked position
  • Falls or Jumping- Fall from height can be the cause of elbow injuries. It also depends on the landing posture of our body. If you hit your hand first hit the ground and you lock your elbow the chances of elbow injury is increased.
  • Workplace- Due to the same and repetitive motion of elbow in the workplace for a long period of time, you may face elbow injuries.

What to Do?

After the accident, you should immediately seek medical assistance. If you delay the first aid then your injury might be more severe.

During this time, you should meet with the eyewitnesses to take use him as solid proof. If the accident occurs in the workplace then your colleague can testify in your favor.

Hiring Solicitors

After the immediate treatment, you should look for an experienced Personal Injury Solicitor. This is the right time to claim compensation. You solicitors will make a compensation claim according to the financial, physical, and psychological damage. He may ask for medical treatment proofs to show the liable persons to make the case strong enough.

Now, the Personal Injury Solicitor Blackburn will meet with the responsible person for the accident and try to deal with settlement talks. If the liable party or person agreed on the specific compensation amount, your case will be closed here.

If they disagree on the settlement talks, your personal injury solicitors may send them a legal notice through solicitor court. After the complete hearing and submission of evidence, the solicitor court checks the validity and verifies the evidence. If the evidence submitted is in your favor, solicitor court will order to compensate you for your injury and may give orders to punish the person who wasted the precious time of the honorable court.

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